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CUUPs Newsletter 2022
Late Summer/First Harvest
2022 CUUPS Annual Meeting
Poetry • Book Group • Chapter and Member Support • Upcoming Rituals
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Musings…Blessings in Hard Times
As I walked past my herb garden this afternoon, I was enamored with the number of pollinators enjoying themselves on the flowering stems. I was so happy to see creatures enjoying an area of life I had to let go of tending this summer due to having a total knee replacement. The healing process has been far from easy, and with each obstacle comes more challenges, rewards, or setbacks.
The oregano the bees are thriving on has not been weeded, cut back, or even watered by anything or person other than Mother Nature herself. It reminds me of so many places where it is okay to let go of tending to everything that pops up and tends to my healing and well-being. I giggle a little at that thought. It reminds me of an old commercial that said, “Trust Mother Nature!”
Letting go of traveling, marching in protests, getting swept up in the news of the hour, managing too much work and volunteer tasks, and leading an over-busy life had to be let go for this year. It has felt like a drought in some ways, but the nourishment of the heart and soul has come from simply listening to Mother Nature tend to my body. I stay on course, focusing and listening to needs differently and blessings and lessons occur like little miraculous reminders.
As I look at the politics of the day, I get enraged, and I have to stop and see if this feeling contributing to healing something? It has me wonder how that translates on a larger scale. Are we collectively able to heal humanity with our rage? How can we express anger and upset and still stand in love – not just for ourselves but for others?
There is some good work within the UU Association right now where we all can learn, participate and contribute to what healing from love can be. We can support them whether homebound or active in the streets and whether we can do a lot, write letters, or give financially. I look at each organization within the association as separate gardens, feeding and healing others. Like the bees in my garden, we are the pollinators spreading it to create change in the world.
Keep looking for the miracles in the chaos and craziness or difficult times. Stop in the middle of it all and note the gifts showing themselves to you. Mother Nature is listening to deliver.
Blessings of the First Harvest to you,
Jerrie Hildebrand
The image for this article is copyrighted 2022 by Kishgraphics/J. Hildebrand
Circle of Sharing
The Circle of Sharing – We’ve been through a lot the last 6 years and things seem to be piling up more and more. As the end of summer approaches we will join together to share our thoughts, feelings, and our power to go forward.
Join us on Zoom, share a few stories and share stories about what resources you use to overcome the onslaught of negativity that seems to be flowing from every news outlet in the country with consistency. The specific dates will be coming soon.
Om Prakash Gilmore
CUUPS Ministerial Right Relations
Notice of 2022 Annual Meeting
The annual members’ meeting for Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2022 over Zoom.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Email for more information.
Check Membership Status
Have you checked your CUUPs member status for the annual meeting? Here’s how!
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the little blue person icon in the far right. Then fill in the login boxes with your credentials. (If you forgot them, click FORGOT PASSWORD and follow those steps. Then try again when you have it.)
  3. Once logged in, click the same little person button again and note that it now shows the menu options. This time click on VIEW PROFILE
  4. The membership card will show near the top of the VIEW PROFILE page. Right under it are two options. You can either download the PNG for smartphones or print a PDF. Your member number is on it. You can also RENEW there.
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Posting to CUUPS Social Media
The image in this article was purchased from 123rf and illustrated by nlshop1.
CUUPS is creating new guidelines for posting on our social media due to an accidental copyright infringement made in a post on Facebook in 2013. Companies are now scanning public internet sites for almost any infringement they can collect payment on. The post in question did not acknowledge the artist and merely pointed people to their sales site. The infringement came by not mentioning the image was theirs. It has resulted in a substantial payment to the company representing the artist.
We are asking everyone to be mindful when sharing anything with a photograph, meme, artwork, etc. The best guidelines have been coordinated with the UUA’s Social Media Content Creation team. Their wisdom is as follows:
“Social media doesn’t have a grey area regarding image copyright. When it comes to an image that isn’t yours, you must obtain permission to use it through the creator or a license. It can be as simple as requesting permission and waiting until its granted. The creators still own the copyright when someone shares an image on a public account.
Before reposting a photo—send a quick, direct message or comment on the post to ensure the creator is on board with your sharing the image. If sharing is allowed on the platform, it’s typically okay to share images within the platform. Most social platforms automatically credit the creator when you reshare. If the platform does not do this automatically, please, ask the creator or do not post it.
Questions to consider before resharing/using an image:
  • Did you/we create this original image?
  • Can we obtain permission from the owner of the image?
  • Is the image on a public domain site?
  • Do you plan to modify the image? Are modifications allowed?
  • Can you purchase a publication license for the image?
If the answers are all yes, the image is safe to use.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us. For further information about copyrights, go to
Planning for the Next Program Year!
September will be here faster than we expect it! Join us 2nd Saturday on August 13, 2022 at 7 PM Eastern time zone over Zoom to brainstorm about what you want to see at CUUPs National over the next program year.
Do you have ideas for Adult RE? Want a new book group for the members? Another one for the chapter leaders? How about forming a worship committee to organize a CUUPs National Winter Solstice service? Do you want to be on the team for GA 2023 Summer Solstice? How about online fellowship or even forming a more formal online chapter for people who don’t have a CUUPs chapter at their local church?
Get your thinking caps on and come share what gets you excited and lights you up!
Email with questions or for more info.
Of Light and Darkness
blue skies,
life everywhere except in the anger I feel sometimes
when I see the innocent squashed
and the kind forced to turn their burning compassion to cold
But then enters the Friend,
helping me turn my anger into passion,
my fears to empathy,
my stubbornness to love unconditionally and like you,
my Beloved, to turn the world around on its axis
from dark to daylight again
and again
until my world arrives on its path, a
balance of light and dark that
moves harmoniously with the
throbbing resonance of universal love.
Om Prakash
©March 30 2012
“Pagan & Earth-Centered Voices in Unitarian Universalism”
Book Group
We are having the last book group session July 17, 2022 at 7 PM EDT over Zoom. It is ok to drop in even you don’t have a book.
In this session we cover
  • “Pagan Depth in Unitarian Universalism” by John Beckett (pg 39)
  • “Welcoming the Gods Into Our Congregations” by Sue Nading (pg 111)
Register at
You can buy your copy of “Pagan and Earth-Centered Voices in Unitarian Universalism” at the UUA Bookstore or set Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Inc as your charity when you shop through the Amazon Smile portal. 
For more info email
Send Your August 2022 Worship Dates!
Is your CUUPs chapter having a Lughnasadh, Lammas, Wep Ronpet, or other celebration around August 1st? Or a lunar celebration around August 12th? There’s still time to add it!
Please email with your chapter name, time zone, time and date of your event, and a short description of your ritual to be added to the current CUUPs Worship List.
Newsletter Submissions Deadline
The CUUPS newsletter works to publish four to six times in 2022. Please email your submissions to info@cuups.orgg for consideration by the next deadline of Sept 7, 2022 for the Fall issue.
Feel free to send your art, photos, poems, readings, art and more for consideration. Submissions can be from individual CUUPs members or CUUPs chapters.
Congratulations New and Renewing Chapters!
We are pleased to announce new and renewing chapter since the last newsletter!
  • Dogwood Spirit Circle CUUPs
  • Sacred Earth Circle CUUPS
CUUPs Summer Solstice on YouTube
Did you miss it at General Assembly? Or didn’t catch the Zoom watch party on July 9th? Want to watch it again with your CUUPs chapter or UU Congregation for Adult RE? The GA 2022 Summer Solstice Celebration is now posted on CUUPs YouTube!
Many thanks to all the contributors!
Join the CUUPS Board
  • Strongly identify as UU Pagan
  • A current paid member of CUUPS at the national level
  • In right relations with your own congregation
  • Familiarity with Zoom video conference or willingness to learn
  • Comfortable with Google Tools, or willing to learn
  • Experience serving on a “working board” like a UU church board or local community non-profit board is welcome but not required.
  • Has references to support their work
  • Young Adults welcome
  • A willingness to work in a team environment
Contact with information about yourself for us to pass on to the Nominating Committee!
Membership Renewal
Go to and click on the blue button in the top right corner. Enter your email you registered with and your password. You will go to your account. If you have trouble write us at or for support!
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