Who Am I?

The power of naming is profound. It is reserved in many faiths for the very Gods. We will learn the painful journey of ways names can be used as weapons and understand more deeply the power of so many spirits that overcame these attacks.

Faith Under Pressure

Unitarian Universalism struggles to reconcile its beliefs with the realities of our shared world community. The question of evil lurks around so much of what we see. We will look together at responses our shared faith can offer.

Space for Grace?

When closely held values of democracy, justice, and fair play are under regular attack what can we do? How does our faith guide our actions? And how can we find the virtue in fortitude?

Before the Storm

The gray gathers over the mountains and the signs of approaching weather fill the senses. The storms we all witness and weather together come in so many varieties. We will look together at how storms in our lives impact who we are, who we become.

After the Rains

The deepening of roots, the expanding of leaves and branches, the crisp call of the birds of the land and sea all follow the drenching rains. Come and celebrate the new lives in our midst as we celebrate the turning of the season and welcoming of new members.

Visiting Speaker

Our congregation’s wonderful friend and mentor, Paula Cole Jones will lead worship during the important, life-changing, and life-giving weekend of Jubilee.