Oceans of Blue

The blue clear waters we see so often seem so different and so far from the way so many experience this season…and that isn’t all that’s different for some of us. We will explore together how this time of year is different for some of us than all the ways we might be told we … Continued

Eccentricity in Excelsis

One of the wonderful parts of Unitarian Universalism is how differently we see the world and the universe it inhabits. Here at the change of seasons we will look together at the variety of the beautiful ways we experience this world through lessons and carols about this season.

No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant

Come and be with us as we gather for one of this community’s most delightful and fun experiences of the year, when we will look together at the Christmas mysteries and as we all help and pitch in to allow this beloved story to unfold and to wonder at the meaning it holds for each … Continued