Sunday Services

Our Minister, Rev. Thomas J. Fitzgerald

At First Unitarian of Honolulu, we come together in the spirit of aloha, rejoicing in each other’s presence and in the rare and beautiful world we inhabit. We endeavor to worship and act with deep regard for and welcome  everyone in the spirit of boundless goodwill.

We do not judge you by the color of your skin, or social status, or ethnicity, or age, or gender, or sexual orientation, but only–in the words of Martin Luther King–by the content of your character.

In the spirit of liberality, we endeavor to act with generosity, and encourage freedom for all.

We believe in sharing and fairness, and work in the community to achieve a greater degree of each, especially in the lives of those who need it most.

In our interpersonal relations, we endeavor to always treat each other respectfully.

Come experience the aloha for yourself Sunday mornings at 10 am which includes childcare and Religious Education programming.