There are many ways to prepare for membership. While you are welcome to join the congregation at any time, you are also invited to take whatever time you need to discern whether First Unitarian Church is your spiritual home. Below are some of the ways you can prepare for membership and/or deepen your membership commitment when you join the church.

You are welcome to join our beloved community. We hope you have found your spiritual home here and you will choose to become a member and journey with us. We invite you to participate in church-sponsored spiritual workshops or other educational programs to learn more about being a Unitarian Universalist, to explore your own spiritual journey or to learn how our vision of social justice can be put into action as they are scheduled.

Pathway To Membership

  • Step 1:Attend services regularly, talk to our current members about what it means to be a UU and to find out about opportunities to become involved in church life  (Chalice Circles, work parties, hospitality, joining a team, etc.)
  • Step 2: Learn more about the UU faith. Information we would like visitors and perspective members to be familiar with can be found on this website. Please explore and learn all you can not only here on the FUCH site but also on the Unitarian Universalist Association site. Specifically for membership preparedness you should be sure to read:History of FUCH
  • History of UU
  • Our Beliefs:
    [Principles, Sources, & Covenant of Right Relations]
  • Step 3: Meet with Rev. T.J. Fitzgerald after the Sunday Service on the third Sunday of the month.
  • Step 4: Make a financial contribution to the congregation, sign our membership book, and participate in our New Member Welcoming Ceremony.

Benefits Of Membership

  • You are in GREAT company!
  • Connection on a deeper level to your spiritual beliefs and growth in our welcoming congregation.
  • You invest in your passions when you contribute to FUCH as we work through various avenues to boldly grow compassion, justice, and joy.
  • You may use the church building twice a year for life celebrations or other events,
  • Our growth carries and acts out our powerful positive message beyond the church walls. With each new member we can share the joy, justice and compassion we have with the wider community better lives of the whole.
  • We hold an Annual Meeting of the congregation in June. We elect our church officers, hear reports, and approve a budget. The authority to do these things lies with the congregation itself. All members who make a financial contribution to the church are voting members. This is your opportunity to speak on the business of the church. Occasionally a congregational meeting will be called to discuss and vote on other matters that relate to the church. You are encouraged to attend these as well.



Becoming a member of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu means that you are committed to the principles, values and life attitudes that Unitarian Universalism embraces. It is a public declaration that you stand with a group of people who have a liberal religious view. It is a commitment to support and encourage one’s own and others’ efforts to grow spiritually and to support the congregation’s mission and vision in the wider world.

As a member of this congregation, you will be expected to become actively involved in the life of the congregation and its ministries. All members are asked to reflect on their life circumstances, their spiritual goals and to make a serious commitment to serving the mission and purpose of the church.



Attending worship regularly, participating in life passages, community rituals and activities. our Community Calendar has up-to-date information about activities. FUCH teams, Ministries, have ways for individuals, partners, families or other groups to participate. Check out the FUCH Team  page and our Contacts list to connect with any group in which you have interest.


Cultivation of your spiritual life: for example, participating in our learning community with book studies or personal meditation. Contribute to community spiritual growth by joining a Chalice Circles, ‘Ohana Covenant Groups, the Religious Education volunteers, or perhaps Social Justice.


Serving the community within and beyond the church walls. For example, teaching religious education, providing pastoral care, participating in worship, working for justice, volunteering for a committee or council, taking a position of leadership, involvement in community service projects, serving lunch, ushering, etc. This can also take form in participating in a Chalice Circle and inviting others beyond FUCH to participate and benefit as well.


Taking care of what we value and enabling it to improve and grow. A pledge is a member’s promise of financial support to this religious community. Our members’ pledges allow us to estimate income so we can prepare a budget to operate the church. Becoming a member of this church and making a pledge of support is saying “I am more than a guest.  I am vested in the future of this community.”


Living out Unitarian Universalism through our mission and covenant. For example, practicing our principles in daily life, voting at congregational meetings, getting involved in justice work, supporting our Welcoming Congregation and Journey Toward Wholeness anti-racism, anti-oppression, multicultural initiatives, and other opportunities as they arise. Remember to check our Community Calendar as well as read our Weekly Bulletin and monthly Newsletter.


Letting others know about the transformative power of Unitarian Universalism. Invite others to talk about spirituality, beliefs, and principles they live their lives by. Call friends, families and neighbors to consider deep listening and connecting with  Chalice Circles. Share the FUCH goodness that you enjoy!