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My Body, Your Body, Any Body, Everybody

From the moment we are born we are aging.  With gleeful anticipation in childhood, oblivious celebration in midlife, and a mixture of gratitude and apprehension in our latter years.  Meanwhile our youth-obsessed culture alternately ignores and belittles the gifts and challenges of our … read more.

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Do you ever go to bed and grumble over the day’s events  I sometimes do.  What a difference intentionality makes!  This is a month when the focus is on giving thanks.  Let’s talk honestly about how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in the midst … read more.

E Ola I Ka Wai – Water is life

This sermon focuses on what it means to prophesy in the face of suffering and death. We will look at wisdom from the Christian tradition in the book of Ezekiel. Join us as we welcome good friend Cassie Chee, Director of Community Organizing at Faith … read more.

Celebration of Samhain

What is Samhain and why is it considered a sacred holiday by pagans?  Rev. Carole Eagleheart, who has traveled to many ancient Goddess sites in Europe and the Mediterranean, will explore the beliefs of what has been called the Old Religion and what it can mean … read more.

Wisdom of a Mulligan

After the harvest, the fields lie fallow.  Next planting season, crops are rotated. How far away our agrarian roots are!  What might we harvest, if we were to lie fallow ourselves, and to rotate into something new, come Spring?

Harvesting Abundance

Abundance! Everyone wants it.  Can everyone have it?  Can we ourselves?  If we do, how can we articulate and promote our church’s abundance without sounding arrogant and self-serving?  Let’s dig into the ideas during this season of harvesting what’s been planted.

Love That Lets Go

There is so much going on in the big and little picture of our lives. We do not know how it all turns out. Many things are very hard and many things are possible. We’ll explore how love can be the gravity that guides us … read more.

Sowing Seeds

It’s October! Harvest time—apples, pumpkin, cinnamon flavors, celebrations. Whoa, slow down! Harvest only happens because someone patiently planted seeds. Small efforts build up to large matters. Tiny, invisible, forgettable things surprise us in results. Impossibilities can become possibilities, then realities. Who planted in your life? … read more.

Radical Welcome

In today’s world, being a Welcoming Congregation requires more than simply opening our doors. We are at a crucial turning point—will we live into our commitment to be a home for all those who need Unitarian Universalism? Doing so will require a welcome that transforms … read more.

Spirit Wisdom: What our Na‘au Tells Us

We think of ourselves as smart people.  Educated.  Wise.  We’re immersed in Western culture(s) that tell us that head-smarts is the be-all and end-all. What about our intuition?  What about our gut feelings?  What about our sixth sense?  When did we learn to ignore or … read more.

Body Wisdom

Like “Where you wen’ grad?” “What do you do?” is a defining question.  Place.  Value.  Success.  Worth.  So much has been tied up in what we do for work, how we earn money.  Attitudes have been changing – about physical labor, blue collar work, and … read more.

Why do we honor Queen Liliuokalani?

The Worship Team is honoring the spiritual theme this month of  “Wisdom.”  Queen Liliuokalani exemplified wisdom in her reign as Queen of the Hawaiian islands.   She was guided by her wisdom, intuition, and inspiration she received from within her soul,  as she faced the challenges … read more.

May the Force Be With You

We all want an opportunity to be in the kinds of relationships that make way for our most authentic, brightest and best selves to show up. Sometimes, we do that with one another well, and sometimes we don’t. It’s not about being nice or good. … read more.

It’s the Question[s] That Drive Us

Rev. Mykal, our Summer Minister, has heard our requests for time to ask more questions, and worship seemed like a perfect space and time to go a little deeper! On this “Ask the Minister” Sunday, he will be responding to questions about his summer sermon … read more.

Change is good…You go first

It is only the imagination that can change the heart of humanity and lift the soul of the world beyond its many attachments.  Our capacity to embrace possibility is linked to our ability to imagine something other than what is before us.   Sometimes our journeys … read more.