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Pau Hana 11-30-21 with Dr. Michele and Rev. T. J.

We had a wonderful time learning more about our our community can be more of a learning community in the coming months and years. Be sure to give this a listen or a watch to learn more about this exciting time for our congregation.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Pretty Paper

It’s here, isn’t it? I knew it was here maybe for the first time yesterday, when I walked into the grocery store and there were wreathes and garlands for sale by the entrance. Like so many experiences of recollection and of … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Love Somebody Else

It’s time for me to share an important confession. Throughout the pandemic, I have tried a range of ways to stay occupied. I’ve shared my love of The Great British Baking Show and I’ve shared how jogging and walking have also helped. … read more.

11-16-21 Pau Hana for Reforming Cash Bail

In this special Pau Hana, the 8th Principle Task force and their friends help us understand more about the bail system in Hawai’i and how some of our actions might help to reform it. Enjoy and share this widely.

2021 End-of-Year Special Worship Services

This time of year holds so much for so many. We are striving to meet the needs of our community and also support the communities we love that make up our community of communities. As this calendar year rolls toward its end, please consider how … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Wake-Up Call

Once upon a time, a young man had been doing a bit of drinking in Waikiki. He was having a great time with his friends, but one by one, his friends departed until he was drinking by himself. Then the bars closed, and … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

At the Seams

“Get it. Get it!” This is what I was saying to the crabs ticking along the sand sideways. Their spindle feet made tracks like seams wherever they went, and there were a lot more seams because my friend and I were lobbing … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

The Ball

“ball…ball……ball, ball, ball, ballballballballball………ball”

As I watched my friend’s border collie, this is all that could possibly be going through her brain. Her focus was beyond intense. It was singular, concentrated, and unbreakable. Around her at the dog park, other dogs would try … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Now Is The Time

“Tenors, please don’t scream here.” We giggled a little, as a tenor section in a choir has a tendency to do. The conductor who was rehearsing us for the big performance was trying to be sure the tone coming from the … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Something About Love

“It’s not about the notes. It’s about the groove.” That is the thought that came to me as I listened to a recording of Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder in one ear, listened to my own voice and piano … read more.

9-21-21 Pau Hana with Ikaika Hussey

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to take part in vital efforts to help Hawai’i and all those who live here, you’ll want to be sure to check out this hour with Ikaika Hussey. Enjoy!

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Modeling Self Care

Aloha Friends. My message this week is no message. I’m taking a floating holiday from Labor Day today because I have worked in some capacity on each of the past fourteen days. I feel great. I share that not in any way to … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Our Own Advice

Sometimes I wonder what our lives would be like if we took all of the great advice we give to others. Would we let more things go, get more sleep, drink less caffeine, and go for more walks in nature? Probably. Those are … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

A Good Time

“We’re having a good time…having a good time…”

When these lyrics came from the speakers, they came with an announcement: “The groom wants everyone to get up and dance before dinner.” It was nice to have the message from the DJ, but … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

That Time of Year

Well, it’s that time of year again…time to plan for Thanksgiving! The annual Nu’uanu Valley Interfaith Thanksgiving Service is in full planning mode, and in meetings taking place on Zoom, from a few different corners of the globe, our merry band … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

What’s Next

I had a chance this week to speak with a colleague who is a hospital chaplain. She was naturally very concerned with all of the wild growth in numbers of Covid infections, and we spoke about what that means for the many patients … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

Early to Rise

“I want to be on the road by 6.”

Big words from my friend who usually wakes at 11.

Up by 6 though, we got the essentials done. We made banana pancakes and since we forgot to get maple syrup, we concocted a peanut butter … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

The Cheering Section

The first person I knew really well who died was my friend Christopher’s mother. Carole was the mother hen, really, of our town. Everyone knew her, and if there was ever a house where we needed to have a party or an … read more.

Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

A Good Age

I don’t think he really meant to hit her very hard. It was still a little difficult to watch, though also a little comical. A child I guessed was about nine months old was tottering on his mother’s lap in the boarding … read more.

Weekly Message from T. J.

There and Back Again

It was a great blessing to have some time for rejuvenation! Because I know how much we all love seeing pictures of a vacations…here are some from mine. There are only 10, so I am not taxing you all too much.

… read more.