First Unitarian Church of Honolulu

We offer a variety of open, comfortable, quiet meeting spaces.
Please explore the options and make an application to rent to meet your needs.

View of the Portico from the Parking Lot

Rentals of one room, more, or the entire church and grounds are available with advance notice and pending church activities.



The Main Sanctuary features seating for approximately 125, a stained glass chalice, and room for musicians.  Chairs for 125 are included in the rental rate. The room is wired for audio and visual (available for an additional fee).

Rental rate:  $30/hour



The Gallery on the Pali – always featuring the work of a local artist.

The Gallery is a local favorite for art receptions, social gatherings and formal meetings. The room has a capacity for 65 standing and can seat between 20 and 45 depending on configuration.

Rental Rate: $20/hour


The Fred Harper Room

The Fred Harper room offers an intimate location suitable for meetings or gatherings of 5-20 people.  Furnished with two leather sofas and assorted chairs, the room is reminiscent of a library or comfortable living room.  The room features a heavy sliding door, which helps keep conversations more private than some of the other rooms.

Rental Rate: $15/hour



The kitchen has not been officially certified as a commercial kitchen.  It may be used to serve food already cooked or brought in by a caterer.

Rental Rate:  $10/hour


For special events, such as a wedding and reception, consider renting the entire downstairs for  $100/hour.  This includes the Sanctuary, the Gallery (reception room), the Fred Harper Room, Foyer, Kitchen, and Porte Cochere.



2nd Floor Meeting Rooms



Meeting Room 1 – two views of one of four large upstairs rooms

Rental Rate:  $20/hour


Meeting Room 3 – upstairs

Meeting Room 5- upstairs

These rooms are used by the church for religious education, and are suitable as meeting spaces or classrooms. No elevator services the upstairs rooms.

Rental rate:  $15/hour

To visit or reserve space, please email:

Get started with your room rental by completing the application below.

One-Time Room Rental Application


Parking on church grounds accommodates 45 cars when parked according to FUCH parking diagram. When maximum capacity is reached, cars will be blocked in. Please plan accordingly.






In order to protect our carpet and your deposit, serving and consuming food or beverages in carpeted areas is prohibited, including all upstairs areas, the foyer, and the Fred Harper Room.

Deposit fee is at a ratio of 1:1 with total rental costs up until a $200 cap is reached (e.g., a $40 rental requires a $40 deposit and a $201 and up fee requires a $200 deposit).

The user group is required to return space to original condition. This includes clean up, emptying trash, cleaning floors, and securing the building. Deposit fee will be considered as a caretaker fee for failure to abide by the use protocols.

A responsible party must be designated to agree to and sign a rental and use protocols agreement.






Revised: January 2018

Sunday Service

On Being Human

Mary MacKay

We humans spend a lifetime of practice and still we are learning to be human. Dogs, on the other hand, may be the perfect Zen Masters. A Border Collie is perfectly and completely a Border Collie. Her only inner conflict involves keeping her silly sheep together. That purity of essence is part of what I … Continued


Life-long Unitarian Universalist, working with others here at the church to change the world in ways I can't do by myself.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Our four boys love to go to church because they are surrounded by people who love them, interesting things to do and they feel the interest and respect of the community.

First Unitarian Church of Honolulu became my eternal family, and community of choice! Love the people, the kids, the elder. Love the worship services the workshops and special events. Love A.D.O.R.E. and our Social Justice Council.


I love that I have a place to visit that reminds me of what is truly important in life. I love that church gives me a vehicle to make meaningful actions happen. I love being part of a caring community to share life with.