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Body Wisdom

Like “Where you wen’ grad?” “What do you do?” is a defining question.  Place.  Value.  Success.  Worth.  So much has been tied up in what we do for work, how we earn money.  Attitudes have been changing – about physical labor, blue collar work, and … read more.

Why do we honor Queen Liliuokalani?

The Worship Team is honoring the spiritual theme this month of  “Wisdom.”  Queen Liliuokalani exemplified wisdom in her reign as Queen of the Hawaiian islands.   She was guided by her wisdom, intuition, and inspiration she received from within her soul,  as she faced the challenges … read more.

May the Force Be With You

We all want an opportunity to be in the kinds of relationships that make way for our most authentic, brightest and best selves to show up. Sometimes, we do that with one another well, and sometimes we don’t. It’s not about being nice or good. … read more.

It’s the Question[s] That Drive Us

Rev. Mykal, our Summer Minister, has heard our requests for time to ask more questions, and worship seemed like a perfect space and time to go a little deeper! On this “Ask the Minister” Sunday, he will be responding to questions about his summer sermon … read more.

Change is good…You go first

It is only the imagination that can change the heart of humanity and lift the soul of the world beyond its many attachments.  Our capacity to embrace possibility is linked to our ability to imagine something other than what is before us.   Sometimes our journeys … read more.

Living a Theology of Disruption

The only way to liberation for all our people is to embody a transformational Unitarian Universalism – that is, to be willing to interrupt the usual course of things and be open to the changes that building a new way may bring to your heart, … read more.

Together We Are A Community

This is the Sunday that we celebrate the Small Group Ministries of First Unitarian Church of Honolulu. We would love to have you join us for worship and fellowship.

The Living Is In the Searching

The ebbs and flows of this life can be jarring to the body, mind, and spirit. And a willingness to be moved by care-filled attention to the direction of the wind, as jarring as it may be, can be the most life-giving thing we can do for … read more.

Liminal Time: Making Space for Change

Change is uncomfortable.  And yet, change has gifts for us that we have yet to recognize.  Join Dr. Michele Grove as we worshipfully honor and explore the gifts change brings to this community while holding space for the necessary discomfort that is change’s constant companion.

Where We’re Bound

Journeys we take in this life teach us so much. Along the way we receive guidance and support. Let’s celebrate together the ways this shared journey has changed us all and how we will help a hurting world together in the future in this grand … read more.

Love, Again and Again

Unitarian Universalists have long resisted claiming any one thing that could define the heart of our movement. And yet, like a black hole that can only be observed by shiny-bright stardust swirling around it, or by stretch marks left in space-time by a pregnant Universe, … read more.

For Our Lives

It seems so much of what we rely on is shifting right now. In this time together we will remember and honor what unites us and consider what ways forward can feel like.

Won’t Be Too Long

On this special Sunday we remember the mothers and the mothering we’ve received from the people in our lives and from the natural world around us. We also celebrate the incredible contributions of Stevie Wonder to the worlds of music and culture ahead of his … read more.

One Fond Embrace

On this special day, Lei Day, we will reflect on the importance of the promises we make to one another and how the very best of us is shared with the world.

Family Passover Seder

On this special day all are welcome to reflect on the passover message transmitted in so many ways to us today. Join in the singing and be part of the story!