Imiloa Borland Rocks at Diverse UU Multicultural Ministries Gathering in NJ!


Last spring, Imiloa Borland was one of our great tribe traveling to our UU General Assembly. Our representatives and members attending reported in our August 13th church service The Magic of General Assembly: Our Faith Evolves (Click the title to see a description and video of the service.)

Imiloa Borland made an impression with the Youth Caucus and DRUUMM (Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries) at the General Assembly last June. Imiloa’s impact resulted in her receiving a scholarship to attend DRUUMM’s annual meeting in New Jersey Oct 20-22.
In a whirlwind trip, Imiloa departed Hawaii Thursday afternoon and returned Sunday evening to be back at school on Monday.
Imi is traveling by herself and will be picked up at the airport and taken care of by UU chaperones this weekend. Imi took the initiative to get involved with DRUUMM and other People of Color programs. She got the scholarship on her own and arranged the trip all by herself.  (Reported Gloria Borland, Imi’s mother and film producer of Barack Obama, Made In Hawaii”.
30 DRUUMMs from around the country had a spiritual retreat in the forest near the Jersey shore. 
5 teens and 25 adult POC (People of Color).    Black, Asian, Latino, Arab, Native-American and mixed race.

Imiloa (center back row) was the only participant from Hawaii.
Imiloa, congratulations, and Mahalo from your church for your activism and leadership!