Learning is core to our faith, our belief in the inherent value of each human commits us to supporting the development of each being’s gifts. Inequity, poverty, ignorance and greed are the problems. Learning is the answer.

Unitarians and Universalists have an uncommon commitment to learning and education.
From Bronson Alcott, to Horace Mann, to John Dewey, to Sophia Fahs– some of the greatest minds in learning come from our faith.

Today, there is no group more equipped to aid in the revolution in learning that UUs.

This community has a powerful interest in the learning of our youths of all ages. Unlike most churches, every Sunday service features a story for all ages, with youths in front, and honored by our singing them to class.

UUs have a thirst for learning and understanding that causes our sermons, our discussions, our work and our play to be engaged in discovery and problem-solving. Learning is a link between our personal search, communal worship, and our social justice work.

With incarceration reaching record levels in the U.S., in inverse relation to education, we can clearly see that prisoners and their families are victimized by the failure of our schools and communities. A new approach is needed to provide meaningful experiences to build healthy community and support for youths to find their unique strengths.

We can provide a safe and encouraging environment for learning, know what our learners know, learn how our learners learn, care as our learners care. We can fix education.

Now we can teach every human on the planet what they want to learn in the way they learn best. Approaching each learner wiht loving respect, using technology, media and assessment in new ways, Learning can be delightful, like our first time.

May we unite, invigorated with our freshest thinking, most strategic views, steadfast commitment, innovative re-casting and soulful connection to change the world through personalized learning for all.

— Rev. Deborah Bond-Upson, Social Justice Council, Learning Justice Advocate