(Exhibits listed with most current at the top.) 

Current Exhibit

Unchained! – Art by the Windward

   Artists Board of Directors

The Unchained exhibit will have a wide variety of art styles and media represented.The participating artists are Therese Babineau (Photography), Suzanne Barnes (Oil), Elizabeth Corbin (Watercolor, Acrylic & Photography), Marshall Heaney (Batik & Photography), Cindy Mochel-Livermore (Acrylic) Marti Weise Rounds (Acrylic), Roger Tinius (Pastel) and Eileen Towata (Printmaking).

The exhibition will run August 4, 2019, through Friday, September 20 , at GOTP, located at the First Unitarian Church at 2500 Pali Highway.The opening reception is on Saturday August 10, 6-8 pm. The public is invited.


Realism and Abstraction

Paintings by David Luchak

David Luchak is offering a selection of his recent plein air landscapes and abstract paintings at the Gallery on the Pali, June 22-August 2, 2019.

These light filled paintings express the moods and mystery of Hawaii’s bountiful beauty. Vigorous brushwork and sumptuous paint creat a feeling of generous abundance. This artist’s high spirited Aloha infused work gives back. They refresh the heart and nourish the soul. Familiar places are energized with renewed vitality. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and the unfamiliar becomes familiar. Spirited color with expansive compositions create an open feeling of freshness that invites your spirit to enter, relax and enjoy.

The abstract paintings broaden the artistic interpretation of nature’s abundance of forms. Colorful shapes and expressive lines interact to create bright lively images that stimulate the mind’s eye and capture the imagination.

The opening reception is on Saturday June 29, 6-8 pm. The public is invited.

The exhibition will run June 22, 2019, through Friday, August 2, at GOTP, located at the First Unitarian Church at 2500 Pali Highway

Opposites III – Paintings by Lynne Boyer



Artist Lynne Boyer says, “This exhibit is the third of the series “Opposites” shows at the Gallery of the Pali, comprising my plein-air paintings from two opposing sides of the Earth – Hawaii and Hungary. For this exhibition, ”Opposites III”, I selected some of my more recent works that focus on a looser plein-air style than some of my older works. This style is expressed by the generous application of thick paint and gestural strokes. With these paintings, I also closely examine the values, colors, and light of a scene to effectively reflect them on the canvas.

Artists’ Reception: Saturday, May 25, 6 – 8 pm.

The exhibition will run May 19, 2019, through Thursday, June 21 at GOTP, located at the First Unitarian Church at 2500 Pali Highway


Paintings by Lauryn Assata Ford


ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Lauryn Assata Ford says “I use art as a way of expressing my thoughts and ideas.  I’ve been creating art in some form or another for 10 years.  I like to create miniatures, design and sew clothes, play the piano, make short films, and paint.  Artistic expression is my way of communicating powerfully.  Over the past year I have taken drawing and painting classes at Honolulu Museum of Art and presently have some of my work on display at HMA in the Spring Young Artist Exhibition.  I’ve also been taught by freelance artist.         ​

I like to use acrylic paint more than any other medium because I like the way I can get the colors to pop.  My work varies: I like to sketch faces, landscapes, still life, or whatever inspires me at the moment.  Some artist that I’ve been inspired by include: Lorna Simpson, Romare Bearden, Basquiat, Henri Matisse,  Pablo Picasso. I hope that you find beauty in my work and that you are inspired to create your own.

Art will be on display through Friday , May 17th.

Gallery Hours (Closed Monday and Saturday): Tuesday through Friday 9 am – 2 pm, and Sundays 9 am to 1 pm.

David Friedman – Local Color

David Friedman explores the dynamic use of color which is his metaphor for spirit. Radical color for Friedman is the aliveness, energy and pulse of life. His art is about joy, appreciation and celebration. A Kailua based award winning artist, his creative experience includes Graphic & Exhibit Design, Film making, Arts Advocacy and Teaching. His art explores themes that feature Paths, Gardens, Mountains, Coastlines, Portraiture & Illusion. He has produced logos, print media, murals, visual games & video animations as well as commercial signage for offices, hotels & airports.

Art will be on display through May 16th. There will be an artists reception Saturday, April 13, from 6pm to 8pm. The public is invited


Joe Dowson Art Club – A Group Show

This exhibit features art by Native Hawaiian artist Joe Dowson and students from the Elks Club art classes that he taught. He was an award-winning Hawaiian Artist. His works have been displayed at the Bishop Museum and acquired by the State Foundation of Culture and the Arts, the American Embassies in Tokyo and Bangladesh, United Airlines, and collected by others throughout the world.

The Joe Dawson art club started in 2000 at the Waikiki Elks Lodge and after his passing in 2013, his students continued to meet and paint together at the Elks Lodge.  A selection of Joe’s art will also be in the show. Elks Club artists in the exhibit include Robert Dusenschon, Beverly Espiritu, Bobbie Kennedy, and Jackie Burke

Art will be on display through April 5th. There will be an artists reception Saturday, March 9, from 6pm to 8pm. The public is invited.


Gallery Team Invitational

Talented artists and church members from the  First Unitarian Church of Honolulu operate and maintain Gallery on the Pali  and present shows to the public. This exhibition features art, paintings, photography, quilts and cloth hangings, and batik paintings created by various Gallery team members.  Artists in the exhibit are Brennan Simcock, David Friedman, Lorraine Fay,  Kay Armstrong, Marshall Heaney, Dan Carpenter, Nan Kleiber, and Jackie Burke

Art will be on display through February 22, 2019. There will be an artists’ reception Saturday, January 26th, from 6 to 8 pm. The public is invited.

Paintings by Kealohilani “Sam” Ahai

Sam Ahai retired eight years ago from the post office and was looking for something to do other than coaching canoeing, which he did for the past 40 years. He saw a poster at Ala Wai Clubhouse offering beginning watercolor classes so he signed up. He did drawing and watercolor many years without training.  He is now involved in acrylic, painting island scenes with vivid colors.

His art will be on display through Jan. 10, 2019. An artist reception will be 6 to 8 pm, Saturday, December 8, 2018.








Paintings by Yvonne Manipon

Hawai’i painter Yvonne Manipon recently returned from a 2 week artist in resident program in France, an experience which greatly expanded her innate talents.

Manipon says “In this exhibition, there are paintings from my time in France and new paintings since returning with a greater focus on what I have learned.  One of my key goals during the residency was to explore a different way of working, to “go large,” to paint on location but bring my vision back to the studio and work in a larger format. I went from 9 x 12 and 12 x 16 panels to 48 x 60 paintings on canvas.   My goal was to paint with more emotional freedom, bigger gestures, thicker paint and abstractly. I want to bridge my love of abstract expressionism and direct painting with the contemplative nature of observational painting.  I began thinking about my paintings in a different way and asking myself how could I subtly shift my process of observation in nature. How might I capture the fleeting light, changing values and color over larger shapes and areas in the landscape into the studio?”

Artist’s Public Reception: Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 from 6 to 8 PM. On display through November 28th.

Paper, Wood, and Canvas

Art by Carol D’Angelo and Dexter Doi

Carol D’Angelo was born and educated in Los Angeles. After moving to Hawaii to finish her degrees, Carol began a long career teaching in the University of Hawaii system. She also has a long history of exhibiting her fine artwork and her work is many corporate and private collections including the State Foundation.

Dexter Doi was born and raised in Hawaii. Educated in Hawaii and New York, Dexter began a long career doing commercial art that continues to this day. Dexter also has a long history of exhibiting his fine artwork that is in many corporate and private collections, including the Honolulu Museum of Arts and the State Foundation.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018 from 6 to 8 PM

Their art will be on display through October 25th

Island Homes – Madagascar & Hawai’i

Paintings by Esperance Rakotonirina

Artist Esperance Rakotonirina was born in Madagascar and has lived in Hawai’i since 2010. He says he was quickly taken by the natural beauty of the islands which resemble the landscapes of Madagascar. While adjusting to his new home and completely different culture he found great comfort in his art. For the first time he was able to experiment with acrylics, water colors and professional grade oils.

His preferred focus is nature and wildlife painting in the realistic style.

His paintings will be on display through September 6th, 2018


Artist reception Saturday July 28 from 6 to 8 pm.

The public is invited to this free reception.

Kahookele Art – Paintings by Jackie Kahookele Burke

Hawaii artist Jackie Kahookele Burke was raised in Hauula and Palolo Valley and graduated from Kamehameha Schools.  She says she feels “ever the presence of the energy of my ancestors who honored the connection of the earth and human beings. I wonder sometimes how other artists can sit long and still with this inner desire to create before they run to their medium and release deep inner feeling onto canvas or other forms.”

Burke’s artistic passion manifests itself in her painting, designs in jewelry, clothing and paper products and also in her music.

On display from June 3 to July 18, 2018

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, June 9, from 6 to 8 PM. The public is invited

Impressions of Paradise – Paintings by Dennis Daniel

Impressions of Paradise celebrates the Hawai’i ‘aina with paintings created by Dennis Daniel through his vision, interpretation and artistic expression. Daniel says “My paintings of paradise are sometimes idealistic, but always show an honest respect for this land that is Hawai’i.”

He paints in the traditional methods of oil painting on canvas and paints “en plein air”, outside in the open. He paints directly from  what he experiences, with all his senses alert to his location.

On display from April 15 to May 31, 2018

Artist reception Saturday April 21, from 6 to 8 pm. The public is invited.

Bezalel’s Calling – Water Color & Mixed Media by Dawn Yoshimura

This multi-media, interactive exhibit incorporates QR codes to allow viewers to play soundtracks of music and spoken word to accompany the imagery. There will be tactile elements that invite the touch as well as to feed the eyes and spirit. Dawn Yoshimura says , “Bezalel’s Calling is a multi-sensory narrative that displays a timeline of my claiming and honoring my artistic heritage as a multinational artist.  I think as artists we are as holy musicians creating art that facilitates others to commune with the divine.

On display from February 25, 2018, through April 12, 2018

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, March 3, from 6 to 8 PM.  The public is invited

Reverie & Reclamation –  Images by Debra Casey

 Debra Casey was born in Hollywood, CA and moved to Maui, HI in 1996 and Honolulu in 2013. This vegan tattooed body piercer became a surfer and photographer and now shares her unique perspective of island life and other adventures.

Debra Casey became a fine art photographer at 45. She is self-taught and her life experience shows in this current exhibition. While technical perfection is nice it is not the priority, evoking an emotional response is.

On display January 7, 2018, through February 23, 2018

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, January 13, from 6 to 8 PM.  The public is invited.


The GOLDINSIDER – Paintings by Alicia Soder

Alicia Soder, a resident of Windward Oahu, will display large abstract paintings she says express different aspects of herself, her feelings and thoughts about the universe. Soder has been an Oahu artist since 2003, exhibiting in multiple showings in Honolulu since then.

The artist says “The most powerful art is the most personal ” and that “With this exhibition I will get clear and personal with the viewer while giving the message that there is gold inside of all of us and here is mine.”

On Display Sunday, November 19, 2017 through Thursday, January 4, 2018.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, December 2, 2017,  from 6 to 8 PM

Beyond Time and Space: Art by Daniela Minerbi

Daniela Minerbi, a native of Italy and now living in Honolulu, says  “The title of the show arises as a consequence of my life spent in Italy, in Hawaii, and my several stays in the Islands of the South Pacific, so that the geography of my paintings has expanded beyond a specific location and culture.

On Display Sunday, October 15 through Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, October 21,  from 6 to 8 PM

             BOTANICVM Paintings by Linda Umstead

Artist Linda Umstead says that “Since I began seriously working in watercolors, I have found the subject of botanicals most seductive and alluring. We who live in Hawaii enjoy one of the most prolific natural environments on the planet, and exploring the beauty of our exceptional local gardens has become for me more an addiction. It is a gift I give to myself as often as I can.”

On display September 10 to October 13, 2017.

Artist’s Reception: Sunday, September 10, from 5 to 7 pm.

Internal Integration – Art By David Behlke

David Behlke has been an active part of the local art scene as artist, gallery director, and presenter of new artists while directing the Koa ArtGallery at KCC (Kapiolani Community College). His art is frequently colorful, organic and layered. In turn, there are layers of interpretation once the viewer allows themselves the pleasure of seeing this visual matrix as a whole, a visual cohesive conclusion. At times Behlke’s work is suggestive of duality, of male and female, hence the title of the exhibit “Internal Integration”.

On display 7 to June 15, 2017.

Artist’s Reception: Sunday, May 4,  from 6 to 8 PM.  The public is invited.

Fabric From Art And Other Works
Art By Richard Sullivan

This exhibition will feature original art which is digitized and manipulated in various ways then printed onto fabric. The exhibit will feature original art, digitized manipulation and enhancements, and panels of fabrics printed from them. Examples of clothing made from fabric produced in this manner will be featured as well as other works by the artist.

On display from April 8, 2017, to May 4, 2017

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, April 8, from 6 to 8 PM. The public is invited

Evolving Through Paint – Journey Of 4 Women

An Exhibition Of Artwork By Anita Bruce, Patrice Federspiel, Rebecca Snow And Rochelle Weidner

About “Evolving Through Paint” -Art is the expression of the human condition.
Watch the unfolding of four women as they learn to “live life out loud” through the painting process. See the influence of family, friends, teachers and experimentation shown in their personal paths to self-expression

On Display Sunday, February 12, through Thursday, March 23, 2017

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, February 25 from 6 to 8 PM


Art By The Windward Artists Guild Board Of Directors

Windward Artists Guild is a non-profit, volunteer, member guild, organized in 1960 by a group of Windward artists. Through collaboration, workshops, exhibitions, and over $1000 of grants to teachers within the community for arts education every year, the Windward Artists Guild supports and promotes the production and appreciation of the visual arts.

This show is to display to talents of the Board and thank them for their time and effort. WAG is open to artists in Hawaii.
Board members participating are:Suzanne Barnes, Marshall Heaney, Don Johnson, MaryAnne Long,
Cindy Mochel-Livermore, Cynthia Schubert, Wendy Roberts, Marti Wiese Rounds,
and Roger Tinius.

On Exhibit Sunday, December 4, 2016, through Thursday, January 5, 2017
Artists Reception: Friday, December 9, 2016 – 6:00-8:00 pm

The Art Of Total Recovery
Paintings From The Women’s Correctional Center

Art by women from the Women’s Community Correctional Center in Hawaii – The Total Life Recovery Program is a faith-based, gender specific program that addresses every area of a woman’s life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Located at the only Women’s Community Correctional Center in Hawaii, TLR uses art to equip participants with the knowledge and tools they need to live successfully everyday with dignity and self worth – bringing hope to incarcerated women who are now committed to changing their hearts, changing their thinking and changing their goals.
On exhibit from Sunday October 23 through Thursday December 1st, 2016

Artist Reception: Saturday October 29 from 6 to 8 pm.

“Hawaiian Landscape Alla Prima”
Paintings By Yvonne Manipon

Artist Yvonne Manipon says, “Form, color, light and textures found in nature are my inspiration. The ever-changing sky-, sea- and land-scapes impress me constantly. I aim to translate the reality of what I see into paintings with fresh brushstrokes and compelling compositions.” Translated directly from Italian, alla prima means ‘at once’ and it refers to the method of painting in one application and without retouching, otherwise known as ‘direct painting’. In this exhibition, she aims to capture the ever-changing sky, sea and landscapes that are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for her. She is currently a Teaching Artist at the Honolulu Museum Art School

On exhibit from Sunday September 18 through Thursday December 1st, 2016

nArtist Reception Friday, September 23 from 6 to 8 pm

‘’Just Another Day In Hawai’i”, Paintings By Esperance Rakotonirina

Esperance Rakotonirina grew up on the island of Madagascar and moved to Hawai’i in 2010 with his wife. Acrylic is his favorite medium. He likes to paint and says it is his passion. He prefers to focus on nature and endangered wildlife of Hawai’i in a realistic style. He is a member of the Association of Hawaii Artists and Windward Artists Guild.

On exhibit from Sunday, August 14 through Thursday, September 15.

Artist Reception Saturday, August 20 from 6 to 8 pm.

“Classical Hawai’i”
Paintings By William Zwick

“Classical Hawaii” is an examination of William’s artistic journey as an artist from the art world of Europe to the art word in Hawaii. Paintings shift from a more classical and European style to the more impressionistic and colorful style better suited to Hawaiian landscapes. His current work is an attempt to blend these two styles, taking the techniques of the old masters and applying them to the beautiful setting and subject matter found only in the Hawaiian Islands.

On exhibit from Sunday, July 10 through Thursday, August 11.

Artist Reception Saturday, July 16, from 6 to 8 pm.

“Hawaii Illuminated”
Paintings By Holly Hughes

Artist Holly Hughes says her work in this exhibit “explores the enchantment, beauty, and natural history of the Hawaiian Islands” using watercolor, gouache, and metallic acrylic ink to create art reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts. Holly’s work is strongly influenced by illuminated manuscripts, ancient art, and scientific illustration. Hughes has a strong background in archaeology, having worked at sites in Jordan and Syria. She describes her work as “unique island art with old world charm.”

On exhibit from Sunday June 5 through Thursday, July 7, 2016.

Artist Reception Friday June 10, 2016 from 6:00 -8:00pm

“Tropical Roots”
Paintings By Ron Root

Hawaii Kai artist Ron Root calls his colorful acrylic paintings “Tropical Roots”, and invites us “to share the Joy with me – savor the Color – cherish the detail and breathe in the Life.” Root’s says his show “demonstrates the versatility of acrylics. When I paint it is like a dance between exploring the medium and investigating the subject.” Root has been a high school art, crafts and photography teacher for 30 years and been an active artist in many arts communities, particularly in California. He also has extensive experience in stained glass design. Now retired to “just painting” Ron is enjoying life in Hawaii Kai and says he hopes the “Aloha Spirit” shows in his work

Artist Reception: Saturday May 7 – 6 to 8 pm.
On display May 1 to June 2, 2016

“Water Of Life” –
Paintings By Linda Umstead


Windward artist Linda Umstead says “Like many watercolor artists, I have been seduced by the subject of water in its many iterations…we are creatures of water; we are largely composed of it; it gives us, and everything on earth, life”. She has been painting on Oahu since the early part of this century, using various mediums including watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pen, and digital imagery.
Umstead adds that “I come to painting and illustration with a designer’s eye. I enjoy exploring many art mediums and find watercolor particularly challenging and exciting. I have come to love painting watercolor botanicals.” She currently does botanicals at the weekly workshop at Ho’omaluhia Gardens.

Artists website: http://www.lindaumsteadpainterseye.com/
Artist Reception: Saturday, April 2, 6 to 8 pm.
On display March 20 to April 28, 2016

“Opposites Revisits: Hungary And Hawaii” Paintings By Lynne Boyer

This is Lynne Boyer’s second solo showing of her paintings. She has selected some of her more recent works from Hungary and Hawaii. With this exhibit Boyer states, “I’m focusing on a looser plein-air style than some of my older works, expressed by the generous application of thicker paint and gestural strokes. I also closely examine the values, colors, and light of a scene to effectively reflect them on the canvas. The Hungary paintings are from my favorite time of the year there when all the fall colors are in full display. Here in Hawaii, my subjects are the majestic Ko’olau mountain range and the beautiful beaches of our Island State. This year, I am playing more with capturing a moment of time in a bustling city scene or a crowded beach, preserving the fluidity of the scene. Besides teeming life, my paintings include peaceful country scenes, such as landscapes from the wine country near the beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary, and the serene charm and grace of resting canoes on an un-crowded beach in Lanikai, Oahu. Creating artwork that gives back the feeling of a scene or moment is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience for me.”

Artist Reception: Saturday, February 20th 6-8pm Artist’s website: lynneboyer.com
On display Tuesday February 16, 2016, through Thursday, March 17, 2016

“Colorscapes” – Paintings
By David Friedman

David Friedman calls his paintings graphic meditations. The dazzle and sparkle of brilliant, bold color is his metaphor for Spirit, aliveness, presence. Known as a “visionary colorist”, his images are prayer and play, gratitude and celebration. He portrays his profound appreciation and gratitude for life with colors and shapes, radiance and shadows that show the way. His pictures illuminate the Path, the Journey, the “roads” and “trails” that each of us travel. David states,“Color is my metaphor for Spirit. To me, it represents essential vitality, the pulse of Life.”

Learn more about the artist from his personal website: DavidFriedmanArt.com

Artists Reception: Saturday. January 16, 6-8pm
On display Sunday, January 10, 2016, through Saturday, February 13, 2016


“Convergence” Paintings By Suzanne Barnes, Cynthia Richmond, Wendy Robert & Dawn Yoshimural

Four award-winning artists, Suzanne Barnes, Cynthia Schubert, Wendy Roberts, and Dawn Yoshimura have produced ‘Convergence’, a collaborative art exhibit for the community to enjoy. The show’s theme was created during weekly get-togethers, where they brainstormed about their similarities and differences. All four women are painters who currently live in Oahu but vary in their chosen media, age, and geographical origins. This convergence of four creative minds led to the title of the show. They endeavor to challenge each other in a supportive manner.

Artists Reception: Friday. December 11, 6-8pm
On display Sunday, December 6, 2015, through Thursday, January 7, 2016

“Jimi T’s Artworks” Watercolor & Mixed Media By Jimi Tablante

Jimi Tablante is an architect who took his eye for design and architecture into watercolor. Jimi believes that “life is art” and viewers will appreciate this as his work reflects Oahu life – from island landscapes to tropical fruit-themed still life, from intimate portraits, some rendered in coffee “ink”, to deftly painted atmospheric watercolors. He is a NWWS, Northwest Watercolor Society in Seattle, Signature artist and recently a new graduate of a program at “Parents and Children Together”. He is an award-winning artist who has had pieces purchased by the Hawaii State Contemporary Art Museum.

Jimi moved to Hawaii in May 1985. With a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, the Philippines, his studies took him to Harvard University in Cambridge where he was awarded the Graduate School of Design / Advanced Architectural Delineation.

His passion turning to fine arts, he enrolled at Linekona Academy of Arts. In May 2011, he became a signature member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society.
Artists Reception: Friday, November 13th, 6-8pm
On display Sunday, November 8 through Thursday, December 3, 2015

“Musings Of A Photographic Eye” Digital Photography By Yahoshua

Born in Rockford, Illinois, a small mid-western city, photographer Yahoshua was raised in Chicago, Illinois. It was there that he received his formal education earning both a B.A. and an M.A. degree. He has been an educator for most of his adult life having taught in the Chicago Public school system and the City College system of Chicago. Later upon moving to Hawaii Yahoshua further his education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After receiving a doctorate degree in Political Science, Yahoshua taught at the Chaminade University and worked in the adult addiction field until his retirement. He currently resides on the island of Oahu.

The artist states, “Since my retirement, I’ve returned to my first love photography. Thanks to the new digital photographic technologies of today, I can now continue my personal mission and bring to the art field pieces that heretofore would have been nearly impossible to achieve.”
Come see how his vision of the near impossible has come together in this new body of work on display at the Gallery on the Pali this fall.

On display Sunday, October 11, 2015, through November 5, 2015
Artists Reception: Friday. October 16th, 6-8pm

“Celebrating Creation” Veil Paintings By Pamela Landrum

Pamela Landrum has been painting, teaching, and sharing her love of art, with adults and children over the last 20 years. She is a graduate of the University of Hawaii, with a BA degree in fine arts, and a graduate of Waldorf Teacher Training, with an emphasis in Art Therapy.

Landrum is a former President and current member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society. Her work has been displayed in many local galleries including earlier this year in Kailua at the “Happiness Gallery”. The body of work in this show is in the style of veil painting, described by the artist as “a pure art form originating in Europe. Done as a meditation, without a specific goal in mind, what appears is usually a surprise.”

This exhibit is on display from Sunday, September 13 through October 8, 2015. The artist reception is the evening of Friday, September 18th from 5 pm to 8 pm. All are welcome.

“Bodies In Motion: Waikiki” Photographs By Diana Nicholette Jeon

This series of painterly street photographs was created on the beach in front of the Outrigger Reef Hotel. Jeon states, “I am choosing to work with this series differently than what we commonly think of as “straight” street work. I have used a painterly style on purpose, which speaks to an aesthetic that is particularly prevalent in mobile art and some of the newer contemporary photography being done today.” More of Jeon’s work can be seen at: http://www.diananicholettejeon.com The GOTP committee is looking forward to sharing this fun event and interesting take on photography with the community!

The exhibit is on display Sunday, August 9 through Friday, September 10. The Artist’s Reception is Friday, August 14, from 6-8 pm.

“An Expression Of My Vision Through Watercolor” Paintings By Kealohilani Samuel Ahai

The artist describes his work in these words; “There are sailing canoes, stormy seas, volcanic eruptions, western themes, meadows, winter scenes, night and early morning scenes, just about anything that my imagination can conjure will make it onto a canvas. Some of my artwork are to real places that I have seen and then recreated others are out of my imagination. My exploration of watercolors never really went away throughout my life, however, it really picked up once I retired from the post office. This is when I started taking a beginning watercolor class at the Ala Wai Park. Ester Newell was my teacher and still is. Once I began I was painting 3 or 4 paintings a week and still wanting to do more. Alongside the varying of subjects I also use different sizes from small miniature sized to large-scale pieces. This will be my first art showing, I am so thankful to the Unitarian Church for giving me this opportunity. I never dreamed that this could be a possibility but here we are. I am looking forward to being able to share my artwork with so many.” The gallery team is excited to provide this first step for Kealohilani’s artist career and we hope you enjoy viewing his work.

On display Sunday, July 12, 2015, through August 6, 2015, Artist’s Reception: Friday. July 17, 6-8pm

“Spirit In Mind” Fiber Art And Works On Paper By Kathy Tosh

The artist describes herself in these words; “My art is born of a desire to experience life on a deeper level. It is born of a craving to express my inner self, my internal rhythms, my spirit. Although my art falls into three distinct categories, it all shares one characteristic – it identifies me, first and foremost, as a colorist.” Her work will include wool tapestries, fiber sculptures, as well as color pencil paintings. Come see these works that Tosh has created to be in sync with her spiritual path. The Gallery on the Pali Team looks forward to your thoughts on this triad of artwork.

On display Sunday, May 31, 2015 through July 9, 2015 Artist’s Reception: Saturday. June 6, 5-7pm

“Suso In Italia Bella” Paintings By Nitya Brighenti

The work on display will be watercolors and oil on canvas paintings of images from Brighenti’s travels to his birthplace in Italy as well as his immersion in Hawaii’s natural beauty. The title of the show comes from a verse from Dante Alighieri, Commedia, Inferno Canto XX 61. Painting is for Brighenti a byproduct of poetry. This collection of paintings span a period of 10 years of the artists working life. Come and enjoy seeing his journey across a decade and continents.

Artist Reception: Saturday, May 2nd, 5-7 pm On Exhibit: April 26th through May 28th

“Thoughts Enter Your Head ” Photographs On Aluminum

By Herb Burgess

The work on display will be vibrant images captured by the artist while in motion. Often we think of the photograph as a freeze frame that captures a moment of time. This artist captures moments while he is in motion. Moving the camera as an image is recorded modifies the way light enters his lens and the way images are recorded.

Come view these unique photographs on aluminum starting March 22nd. The Gallery Committee is pleased to share this work with you!

Artist Reception: Saturday April 4th 5-7 pm On Exhibit: March 22nd through April 23rd

“Ka Hana No’eau O Kaiwi” Paintings & Drawings By George Kaiwi

The work on display will be vibrant seascapes and depictions of Hawaii’s ocean and marine life are well known and popular among locals and visitors who feel connected with the ocean and are touched by the magic of our islands.

Born and raised in Hawai‘i, Hawaiian artist George Kaiwi always had a passion for art. Mostly self-taught, his inspiration came from the love for nature and the ocean. His paintings are known for the vibrant colors and lively imagery and reflect perfectly the tranquility and charm that makes Hawai‘i unique and a veritable heaven on earth. The Gallery Committee is pleased to share this work with you!

To learn more about the artist please visit his personal website: Kaiwi Kreations

Artist Reception: Saturday, February 21st 6-8pm On Exhibit: February 15th- March 19th

“Undercurrents Of Tradition” Paintings By Rochelle Weidner, Anita Bruce, & Rebecca Snow

This show is a triad reflection on the mana of Hawaii by Rochelle Weidner, Anita Bruce, and Rebecca Snow. In the words of the artists themselves, “living in Hawaii alters one’s soul. The presence of tradition, of ancient culture, and the revered gods and goddesses permeate the consciousness, and for the artists in all of us, the desire to recreate this energy and strength is compelling. This show represents our own interpretations of this subconscious force, this mana of Hawaii.”

To learn more about each of the artists please visit their personal websites: Rochelle Weidner, Anita Bruce, Rebecca Snow
Artist Reception: Saturday, January 17th 5-7pm On Exhibit: January 11th through February 12th


“A Look Back” A Collection Of Works By Jimmy Tablante, Patrice Federspiel, Anderson O’Mealy, Joan Dubanoski, Christine Ohtani-Chang, Brennan Simcock, Stuart Robson, David Friedman

This is a retrospective show displaying the diversity, quality and range of media that have been exhibited this year at the Gallery on the Pali. Come to the reception to meet the artists, refresh your year with GOTP and reflect upon 2014.

Artist Reception: Saturday, December 13th 5-7pm On Exhibit: December 5th through January 8th

“Two Men On The Edge”
By Brennan Simcock & Stuart Robson

Abstract paintings by Robson have been crafted after many years of studying art here in Hawaii. Robson has studied with the Honolulu Museum of Art, Linekona Center. He has participated in several group shows and other art venues throughout the Honolulu area.
Monoprints created by Simcock are also products of many years of artistic training. Simcock has over 25 years of advertising and graphic design experience. He has won many awards for his art direction & graphic design work locally and nationally including numerous Pele Awards and the best of show. Brennan is a member of the Honolulu Printmakers and the work in this show are all individual works of abstraction.

Artist Reception: Saturday, November 1st 5-7pm On Exhibit: October 26th through December 4th

“Digital Derivations” By DASH Members

The Digital Art Society of Hawaii (DASH) is presenting new work. DASH members are always searching for innovative ways to express their unique artistic viewpoints. The digital medium provides endless options for exploring the set of stages that link the abstract structure of a concept to its final surface form. This year’s show includes multiple derivations from abstract ideas, graphic design, the natural world and photography.
A selection of matted prints and cards will complement the exhibit at the artists’ reception. DASH Membership forms will be available for interested artists. New members are welcome! Artists participating in the show are Ellen Chapman, Joan Pabst Dubanoski, Derrick Elfalan, David Friedman, and Christine Ohtani-Chang.

Artist Reception: Friday, September 26th 5-7pm On Exhibit: September 21st through October 23rd

“RETRO/MODERN” By Anderson O’Mealy

Anderson O’Mealy has worked as a graphic artist, giving him a foundation in creation with a purpose. He describes painting as being different because inspiration is his main impetus. He is able to find ideas for paintings in a different way than when he had to solve problems for work as a graphic artist. RETRO/MODERN, A NEW LOOK AT OLD STYLE is a reflection on candid old photographs with a coloring of modern hues. The Gallery on the Pali invites you to come and see a culmination of O’Mealy’s artistic work. These pieces provoke nostalgia and wonder for tomorrow.

Artist Reception: Saturday, July 19, 5-7pm On Exhibit: July 13, 2014, through September 18, 2014

“From Madagascar To Hawaii-Reflections”
By Esperance Maobe Rakotonirina

Esperance Maobe Rakotonirina grew up on the island of Madagascar. He likes to paint and says it is his passion. He prefers to focus on nature and wildlife paintings of Hawaii in a realistic style. Some pieces are painted on traditional canvas format and others are painted on woven Madagascar baskets. Esperance is an energetic and excited artist who enjoys talking about art. Come enjoy the opening reception and some pleasant conversation.

Artist Reception: Saturday, June 14, 5-7pm On Exhibit: June 8, 2014, through July 10, 2014

“Healing Through Art”
Creations By Jocelyn Cheng & Participants In
The Artist In Residency Program At Queens Medical Center

Jocelyn Cheng knows the healing power of art first hand. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1989. During this time she expanded her artistic interests into watercolor and general water media works. She credits the bright colors, beautiful transparencies, and textures inherent in water media and collage with giving life and emotion to her work. The artwork in this exhibit was created by patients, families, caregivers, and staff, who participate in the Hospital Artist in Residence Program, at The Queen’s Medical Center. This program works bedside and in small group settings offering cancer patients and their families the opportunity to learn about their own creative resources as they meet the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. This program is made possible by Susan G. Koman Hawaii Affiliate and by Bank of Hawaii Employee Giving Campaign, which seek to inspire and empower people affected by cancer

Patients work with Jocelyn A. Cheng, an oncology nurse, cancer survivor and successful Hawaii artist who used art as a positive way to express herself during her own cancer experience.
Artist’s Reception: Saturday. May 10, 5-7pm On Exhibit: May 4, 2014 through June 6, 2014

“Everyday Sacred”
Photographs By Philippe Gross & Duane Preble

Photographers Gross and Preble share a similar philosophy of art grounded in the celebration of life’s mysteries found in the details of ordinary existence. This photography show is a sample of their many chance encounters. Gross, a psychology instructor at Kapiolani Community College, has merged psychology and photography into a successful book titled: The Tao of Photography: Seeing beyond Seeing. This bestseller, published in 2001, is among many photography accomplishments that Gross has earned.

Preble, also a man of academia, is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Hawaii, Manoa and an author of the widely used art text, Artforms. He has taught on voyages around the world and is a trustee of the Honolulu Museum of Art. Come and experience the “extraordinary in the ordinary” captured through the camera lenses of these two unique artists.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, April 5, 6-8 pm Exhibit runs from March 30, 2014, through May 1, 2014

“Our Young Artists,” A Visual Feast For Your Heart
By UU Youth

Unitarian children of all ages, from toddlers to teens and above, display their artistic talents at the Gallery on the Pali exhibit, Our Young Artists. The drawings, paintings, and mixed media creations are charming, colorful, fantastical, and unique- a visual feast for your heart.
The Gallery on the Pali is pleased to support the talents of our youth by showcasing their work in this special show. Artists’ potluck reception immediately follows the Unitarian Church 11:00 am service on Sunday, March 2, 2014.

Artists Reception: Sunday. March 2, 12:30 – 2:30 pm On display Sunday, February 23, 2014 through Thursday, March 27, 2014

“Art Of Aloha: In Celebration Of Women,”
AlohaWatercolors By Patrice A. Federspiel

Join us for a very special exhibit celebrating the form, the energy, the movement, and the essence of what it means to be a woman. We have all heard the terms, Mother Nature and Mother Earth. This is your opportunity to experience the essence of woman celebrated through the watercolor paintings of Patrice A Federspiel. Whether painting figures or flowers, Patrice keeps the life force energy of her subjects alive through her use of color, line, and composition. “The beauty of the female form surrounds us,” says Patrice A Federspiel. “As I drive throughout the island, I ‘see figures’ in the trees lining the streets. They lovingly watch over us, reminding us to drive a little more slowly, to see the beauty surrounding us, and yes, to drive with aloha.”Through her paintings of tree figures, mermaids, and hula dancers, Patrice shares the Essence of Living Aloha. Artist’s Reception: Saturday. January 25, 5-7 pm. On Exhibit Jan 19, 2014-Feb 20, 2014. Website: www.artofaloha.com

“Life Is Art,” Scenic Watercolors & Abstract Acrylics
By Jimmy Tablante

Jimmy Tablante lives in central Oahu. He is an architect who took his eye for design and architecture into watercolors. More recently, he has explored artistic expressions in abstract acrylic. Both styles of work will be on display at the Gallery on The Pali. As Jimmy states in his title, he believes that life is art. Viewers will appreciate this as each work reflects the Oahu life from island landscapes to tropical fruit themed still life. He is an award-winning artist who has had pieces purchased by the Hawaii State Contemporary Art Museum. Artist’s Reception: Friday, December 20, 5-7 pm. On Exhibit Dec 15, 2013-Jan 16, 2014. Website: http://www.jtdesignsonline.com


“Fun Art/Found Art,” “Outsider” Art
By Bernie Moriaz

North Shore Artist Bernie Moriaz says “I have been making art for over 50 years and I still find that I’m not always in charge of my thoughts. I am always influenced by everything around me. Current events, love, hate, work… you name it. It pulls you around and it all has a heavy impact on how we think and what we do. So my art is quite a mix and what I make reflects that also. I like to experiment, just to see what happens. So, with all the distractions, making art gives me peace of mind. I use anything, found objects, whatever works, and forge into a free flow of creativity and, most of the time, a surprise as to what comes out. That’s why I love this stuff. It’s fun. This is not couch art, not mass-produced, just a free flow of ideas and an interest in creativity. “If you know where you’re going, you’re going the wrong way,” I always say. I call my art “contemporary folk art”, even “outsider” art, if you have to give it a name. In short – it works, it’s strong, it will last. On exhibit Nov 10-Dec 12, 2013. Website: http://www.berniemoriaz.com/

“Ocean Influences,” Canvas, Metal & Wood
By Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter is a Leeward based artist who creates work that has been inspired by living near the peaceful beaches of Waianae. He has taken art classes at UH Manoa expanding the mediums he works with and this show is a compilation of acrylic paintings and sculptures. These pieces are reflections of his influence from the ocean as he feels each days mood is set by the ever changing sea. On exhibit Sep 1-Oct 3, 2013

“Hidden In Plain Sight,” Micro-Photography
By Joseph C. Harris, Jr.

Uncovering hidden beauty in the natural world and ultimately in one another… Joseph C. Harris, Jr. is a photographer who was born and raised in New Orleans. His photography uncovers the hidden, often overlooked, natural environment in his new found island sanctuary and has served as a means of gaining solace and inner peace. He hopes that those who view this hidden world through his lens will deepen their appreciation of the natural beauty of their environment and ultimately of their fellow human beings. Artist’s Reception: Sat., August 3, 5-7 pm. On exhibit July 28-Aug. 29, 2013. Website: josephcharrisjrphotography.com/

“KGB Series,” Oils On Canvas & Watercolors On Paper
By Nitya Brighenti

The series is based on photographs taken by the KGB, the Russian secret police, of people who were to be executed in a forest south of Moscow. The photographs were published by the New York Times (Feb. 21, 1993). The work, done in 1993, was never previously exhibited. The portraits of these anonymous people were done shortly after the publication in oil on a long canvas, after lining up the photos on the top of it. The canvas was subsequently cut into individual pieces: you can see the red strip on top running through the nine portraits. “Why me?” these people seem to ask. They would shrink, disappear in a hole on the floor if they could, like a mouse, escaping the horrid practices of the secret police. How much smaller can you go to erase the offense, to avoid the torture? I started knowing and loving these anonymous people. Their awkwardness is my awkwardness. They sat silently in my portfolio for 20 years. Please have sympathy for them. On exhibit June 23-July 25, 2013.

“Living In Waianae,” Watercolors By Gloria Flores

Living in Waianae means being exposed to bright colors, whether it is the brilliant sunset or the cool blue waters that surrounds us or the majestic green valleys and rugged mountains. Living in Waianae means meeting people with lots of aloha in their hearts and wonderful sense of humor. Having lots of friendships in sunshine or under the shade. I find inspiration in my painting by looking around me whether it is in my friend’s rose garden or an acquaintance’s underwater photography. Strolling around the neighborhood or by merely walking in my garden, I find ideas through the wide varieties of flowers and birds. Living in Waianae is striving to be healthy by being a part of a yoga ohana and having talented and patient teachers, buying healthy vegetables and fruits from the farmer’s market or somebody’s backyard garden. I am very lucky to live in Waianae. On exhibit May 26 to June 20, 2013.

“Fantasy Meets Reality,” Batiks & Photo Panoramas
By Marshall Heaney

The contrast of modern batik painting and panorama photography come together from the imagination of artist Marshall Heaney. His batik paintings, created with melted wax and dye on fabric, range from totally abstract to impressionistic scenes generating an illusion of reality. “Batik can be a free flowing medium and I love to get lost in the moment when painting,” says the artist. He believes “the art is in the creation.” Mr. Heaney learned the fine art of batik from local artist Francois Boschard in the 1970’s and has developed his own unique style over the years. On the other hand, his beach and landscape panoramas represent a single moment in time, reality as it was at the exact time of capture. Digital images are given a minimum of processing to keep colors true, with a bit of artistic spin to give the pictures a special aura of their own. The artist also combines the digital images with batik, a mixed media concept in its emergent stages. On exhibit April 28-May 23, 2013. Website: hawaiilovesart.com

“ReCreate,” Upcycled Collages
By Meghan Bundtzen

Limitations of reuse and preservation of material is a human struggle whose boundaries I try to push. In my art creation I developed an awareness of the need to reuse materials to minimize waste. The patterns found in mail sparked a connection for me and they became the foundation of my collage work. Flat patterns with muted colors and varied shades are ideal tools for my artistic principles of imbalance in color, texture, and design. My inspirations for this body of work come from Japanese print masters such as Hiroshige. Those traditional works have an imbalance of light to dark, bright to dull and detailed lines to vague washes. I embrace inspiration from my daily experiences and the larger patterns found in humanity. On exhibit Mar. 31-Apr. 25, 2013. Website: meghanlhbundtzen.wordpress.com.

“Makai: Towards The Sea,” Photography
By William Weaver

An exploration of some of Oahu’s most powerful waves, dynamic sunsets and magical marine life. See a vivid palate of nature’s expression of colors and experience journeys to some of the island’s most inspiring vistas. Growing up on the big island of Hawaii, Will moved to Oahu to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In school he directed his studies to an Environmental Studies major and shifted his focus towards conservation of our unique natural resources. He now works in conservation for Oahu Army Natural Resources, managing endangered plants and animals on Oahu, in a multitude of different environments, from wet forests to coastal communities. Weaver says: “Photography allows me to capture moments in time that either cannot be shared with words or that occur so fast that they have come and gone within the blink of an eye, or the ­­click of a shutter. Being able to freeze a moment and share it with others is awe inspiring and the ultimate goal of my work.” On exhibit March 3-28, 2013.

“Opposites,” Paintings
By Lynne Boyer

Landscapes, Seascapes & Urbanscapes from Hawaii and Hungary — Lynne is both a plein-air and studio painter. She resides ten months of the year in Hawaii and two months in Hungary. Her favorite medium is oil on canvas and linen. She was born with a keen interest in visual arts and started drawing and painting at an early age. Lynne grew up on Oahu and became a World Champion surfer winning the titles in 1978 & 1979. Her experience and talent in fine art, as well as her familiarity with the ocean and her love of nature, give her paintings a unique perspective that reflects the beauty and power of our ever-changing world. On exhibit Feb 3-28, 2013. Website: lynneboyer.com/

“Creating Boldly,”
UU Members Art Show 2012

Church members display their artistic talents at the All Church Art Show in the Gallery on the Pali from Dec 29-Feb 1, 2013.


“Face To Face, A Year In Hawaii,” Paintings
By Amanda Thody

Humanity expressed through the face — I am interested in the elements of mystery and exoticism inherent in Western perceptions of other cultures … I am harking back to a sort of innocence, a “before the Fall” idea of our connectedness to the land, a joint responsibility to society and to the earth, to a matriarchal sense of who we could be as a species. I hope the peace but also the vigor of traditional life reflects from the eyes of my paintings. I see the importance of changing our lives to ensure our survival, not only in terms of the basics of existence, but as beings in a holistic sense. This work has been produced since moving to Oahu from the Caribbean in response to my encountering a new world, particularly in regard to the Pacific Islander and Asian peoples, their faces, their aesthetic and their history in Hawaii. On exhibit Dec 2-27, 2012

“Journey To My Roots In The Middle East”,
Photographs By Adly Mirza

Local artist Adly Mirza showcases a new collection of photographs and sketches of Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Turkey that were taken during different trips within the last four years. Adly Mirza has an eye that captures moments of beauty of people and places off the beaten path. His goal is to display photos of his beloved Middle East to the attendees in order to broaden their worldview of the rich culture of the region. He believes that art can help alter the images that many people have towards the Arab world and cultivate understanding and respect for the region and its people. Adly Mirza was born in Aden, Yemen and has been living in Hawaii’i for over 20 years. He is currently teaching Arabic language and culture at the University of Hawaii Manoa and Campbell High School. On exhibit Oct 28-Nov 29.

“Birds Of Paradise,” Paintings
By Linda Umstead

“Birds of Paradise: the Story of Avian Diversity on O’ahu” highlights the island’s diverse bird populations, both native and introduced, and explores their various origins. The Hawaiian island of O’ahu, known familiarly as “the gathering place,” has often been the site of introduced species of all kinds. A member of the Hawai’i Watercolor Society, artist Umstead considers the Hawaiian islands among the world’s richest sources of natural subject matter. Discovering, researching and visually exploring the flora and fauna of the islands has become the driving force for her creation of The Birds of Paradise, a series of paintings begun upon her move to O’ahu ten years ago. “I originally was drawn to paint the birds in my backyard,” Umstead says. In researching these birds, she learned about the history of alien species introduction and its impact on native birds which have evolved over millions of years as the island chain developed geologically from a volcanic vent on the ocean floor. The vast majority of introduced species on O’ahu have been brought from around the world by humans. As the most remote populated archipelago on earth, Hawai’i is an environment unlike any other. Its land mass is still geologically in the process of forming, as it has been for countless millennia. It is also among the most recent areas of the planet to be inhabited by humans. These two important factors make it unique in the mixed distribution of bird populations. “The Birds of Paradise is an ongoing work in progress,” she says, “that is designed to depict lifelike images of endangered avian species before they disappear, as well as introduced species as they uniquely evolve here. I hope it can be a kind of legacy for future generations of bird lovers.” This is the artist’s first solo exhibition. On exhibit Sep 30-Oct 25, 2012.

“Digital Deviations 2012,”
Digital Art Society Of Hawai‘i Fine Art Exhibition

The Digital Art Society of Hawaii (DASH) presents new work. DASH members are exploring the boundaries of expression and deviating from past perceptions as they are presenting unique images in this exciting medium. This year’s show includes abstract work, iterative images expressing a whole, graphic design, images from the natural world, and photography. New members are welcome! …..Artists participating in the show are: Ellen Chapman, Joan Pabst Dubanoski, Derrick Elfalan, David Friedman, Marshall Heany and Christine Ohtani-Chang. On exhibit Aug 26-Sep 27. Website: digitalarthawaii.org

“Life In The Line”
Engravings By Jared Wickware

Considered by many to be a “lost art”, Copper Engraving reached its peak with the work of Albrecht Dürer in the 16th century. For the next 350 years, until the invention of photography, engraving was used primarily to reproduce works done in other media, such as painting. Taking up where where the Renaissance left off, Jared Wickware displays the special properties of the engraved line in an exhibition of distinctly original works. He enjoys the reputation as one of the few and foremost artists practicing engraving today. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally and has been recognized with numerous awards. On exhibit July 29-Aug 23, 2012. Website: jaredwickware.com.

3 Award-Winning Fabric Artists

Three award-winning fabric artists, Margaret Teruya, Liz Schowalter and Charlene Hughes, offer traditional and unique textured works of beauty created with passion, design sense and color. On exhibit June 24-July 26, 2012.

“Radiant Love And Above”
Paintings By Karen Kiefer

Best known for her very large format, formal oil explorations of our ever curiously expanding inner and outer galaxies, Karen Kiefer has taken a little path through a new alcove of the great forest. With a premise that she has the right to unabashedly steal from her own work, Kiefer has done a series of tiny and beautiful paintings, revisiting themes of her retrospective in delightful ways. ” I just wondered how I felt about things I used to think and feel”. There are notes of softer edges and brighter colors, lines running amok, and a lighthearted letting go. On exhibit May 27-June 21, 2012. Email: karen@karenkiefer.com. Website: karenkiefer.com.

“Eye Of The Beholder VI”

Many Honolulu Museum of Art docents and docents-in-training are also practicing artists, thus bringing the eye of an artist to those beholding art. Twelve years ago, a group of newly graduated docents held an exhibit of docent original art at The Gallery on the Pali at the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu. Approximately every 2 years, the gallery has hosted another “Eye of the Beholder.” Just as our numbers have grown, our museums have merged, our name has changed, the scope and creativity of visitor-centered tours and docent personal inspiration is expanding and always exciting. On exhibit: April 29-May 24, 2012

“The Joyful Connection,” Paintings
By Barbara Eberhart

In her classes and in her paintings artist Barbara Eberhart uses creativity to inspire joy because she feels that “spirituality manifests itself through joy”. She says “art is a natural means to access your intuitive, relaxed, meditative, healing, joyful inner self… connect with Spirit, relax and have fun, and let your inner child out to play.” She has been displaying her work and teaching in Hawaii since 1981. On exhibit April 1-27, 2012. Website: barbaraeberhart.com

Paintings & Mixed-Media Collages By Warren Stenberg

This collection of work exemplifies what happens when an artist is allowed to work in his studio unimpeded for long stretches of time. Warren Stenberg says, “Most of my mixed media collage work is quite intuitive and as it progresses it takes on its very own unanticipated direction. I invariably end up with small surprises! Fortunately, in this medium there are no rigid rules, and, for this artist, that is heavenly”. This show samples a selection of Stenberg’s work created in the past several years since he rediscovered collage and digital macro photography. For a full overview of the artist’s work, including other media. On exhibit March 4-29, 2012. Website: warren.stenberg.com

“Color As A Second Language”
Paintings By David Friedman

David Friedman’s luminous canvases capture the brilliance, spirit and vitality of Hawaii’s extraordinary beauty. With radiant color and compelling composition, his art is a graphic meditation. Speaking “color as a second language”, Friedman portrays the spirit within, that sparkling energy that is the pulse of life. He has designed educational, interactive museum exhibits (“Kaleidoscope Room” and “The Magic Eye”). With fellow artist Larry Lovett, he co-founded “Electric Gallery”, the pioneering OLELO-TV video art showcase, a virtual gallery on community television. Minneapolis College of Art & Design (B.F.A.), Univ. of Minnesota (Humanities), Maryland Institute College of Art (M.F.A.). On exhibit Feb 5-Mar 1, 2012. Website: DavidFriedmanArt.com

“To Be Determined”
Paintings By Dave Devenot, Quilts By Elizabeth Kent

DAVE: This collection of realistic and abstract paintings and prints reflects my perspective of cityscapes collected from my travels both near and far. I enjoy capturing the colors and vibrancy of life abounding in shops, plazas, cafés, parks and buildings in such varied locations as Honolulu’s Chinatown, Paris, Provence, Munich, Umbria & other destinations. ELIZABETH: Who knows what 2012 will be like? It’s to be determined. And that is why the title for our show is so appealing. We really don’t know what will come next – it’s evolving, like our art work. For this show I took work that someone else started and created something from it. I love to complete others’ unfinished objects (known as “UFO”s in the quilting community). The quilts in the show are all UFOs. They were finished, but probably not in the way the original artist expected. They were reclaimed and, like them, I am a work in progress. On exhibit Jan 15-Feb 2, 2012. davedevenot.com

“Holiday Spirit,” Paintings
By Frank Oliva

In celebration of the season’s joyous holidays, a very special exhibit of paintings by Frank Oliva is a pleasure to behold. The hundreds and thousands of color dots radiate. Many of the canvases represent the artist’s interpretation of “spirits”…..like rain, fire, sea. Some pieces interconnect, can be displayed in different ways either singly or together. Exuberant color trails lighten the heart, delight the eye and raise….the spirit! On exhibit Dec 17, 2011-Jan 12, 2012. Website: frankolivaislandart.com

Watercolors By Barbara Littenberg

Realizing ideas through watercolor – While on an expedition trip in Antarctica, a Scientific Illustrator aboard offered classes in watercolor. Although always an admirer of watercolors, Barbara had no applied art experience, but was hooked. She considers herself a beginner but has had pieces accepted to the Windward Artist Guild’s members & juried shows, Hawaii Watercolor Society members & juried shows, Da Kine Local Prospectives juried show, and exhibited at Che Pasta & Oeno’s and Honolulu Country Club. On exhibit Nov 27-Dec 15, 2011.


“Tides, Coral And Sound”
Mixed Media Paintings By Joshua Miles

Porcelain and lacquer on wood paintings. Integrating science, chemistry and art, Miles combines flash fired porcelain into the grain of wood panels. He then utilizes selected precious metals and oxides, sprayed between as many as 80 coats of hand pooled layers of lacquer. Each piece is a one of a kind and can take as long as one year to complete. An audiophile and music fanatic, Miles also weaves the textures and colors of sound in the environment into his art. On exhibit Nov 6-24, 2011. Website: JoshuaWMilesDesigns.com

“Silent Lucidity”
Drawings On Paper By Jessica Orfe

“Silent Lucidity” is a time-lapse interpretation of mundane real life affairs. Manipulation and interweaving of iconic dream elements collected over a period of months constructs this narrative of unconscious apprehension. The story suggests the absurdity and variation of individual conscious experience. Recently included in the prestigious 33rd Annual “Commitment to Excellence” Art Exhibition at Linekona Art Center. On exhibit Oct 15-Nov 3, 2011.

The Wayside Pulpit

The Wayside Pulpit was first introduced to North American churches by Unitarian Minister Henry Hallam Saunderson in 1919. Inspired by the local wayside shrines he had seen in Europe, he created “wayside sermons,” liberal messages that would make people stop, read, and search their conscience. On exhibit Sep 17-Oct 13, 2011.

“Harmony: The Many Faces Of Hawaii’s People”

Elizabeth York: a collection of paintings and photographs by Honolulu fine artist and graphic designer…people-centered art that reflects her fascination with the human mind. On exhibit Aug 21-Sep 16, 2011.

Selected Prints And Photographs Of Dana Yee

This exhibit of prints and photographs by Dana Anne Yee was on exhibit July 10-28, 2011.

“Face Forward,” Paintings By Tanya D’Avanzo

Tanya D’Avanzo, a clinical psychologist with an understanding of the universal appeal of the face as a visual stimulus evoking strong emotion, presents her exhibit of paintings beginning June 20th. Equally moved by psychology and aesthetics, she aims in her paintings to balance the face as psychological stimulus and as artistic form. On exhibit June 25-July 7, 2011.

VSA “Surfacing” Explorations On Paper”

This stunning show features traditional and unique ways to bring images into the surface of paper, each artist working with various methods of subtraction and addition. You will see four completely different approaches, but with a very common denominator. Each artist works as if their health and life depends on it, and when you get to know them you know it is true. Each artist is emerging, rising to the surface, and survives through their vehicle of expression….marks on paper. Artists: Angelo DeMello, Solina Wilhelm, Sonya Woodard, Ronald Depontes. Mixed Media, drawings, works on paper.

“Print + Color + Water” — Dole Teachers Stephanie Pierobello & Nicole Testa.

Nicole’s prints portray a sophisticated multi-layered view of the complex world we inhabit and Stephanie’s watercolors express the beauty of our natural world– flowers, landscape, fishes. Two views that each engage and complement each other. Photos of works and reception follow. On exhibit April 23-May 19, 2011.

“Art Leaves No Student Behind”
Dole Middle School Students

“Art Leaves No Child Behind”, Support Art Education. Dole Middle School Art Students Dole’s 30-year art program has yielded 8 statewide prizes in 5 years. These photos are from the March 28th reception, hosted by teacher Stephanie Pierobello and Nicole Testa-Mara and attended by students, parents, siblings, congregants, congregants and other community members. On exhibit March 27-April 21, 2011.

“Hula Girls”
By Lauren Okano

In Celebration of Womens Month. Lauren Okano’s strong abstract paintings were well-received by the arts community, generating excitement and sales. On exhibit Feb 27-March 24, 2011.