Hawaii has the highest enrollment in private schools in the U.S., the highest absentee rates in public school, and the highest rate of teacher turnover. The cost of living is high, forcing many parents to work two or more jobs.

The effect of these factors is to provide less support and poorer quality support for learning by students in families and neighborhoods of lower income.

As a church, First Unitarian Church of Honolulu has supported Parents for Public Schools-Hawaii and hosted services and workshops on the needs of public education in this state.

Equal access to quality education is a social justice issue.

Without equal access to education, inequity grows in society as a whole in addition to within schools. Incarceration rates increase when young people drop out of school or do not get the support, training and opportunities they need.

On July 30, 2017,  our Social Justice Council member presented a service highlighting new and important efforts to raise the “conditions for learning” in Hawaii public schools.

Summary of the service:  A HĀ Moments: Breakthroughs in Learning and Living

Link to the stories and media resources: Stories of “A HA Moments” — breakthrough education in Hawaii

Link to the video of the stories from the service: Video of stories from the service