Dear Members,

First Unitarian Church of Honolulu is one of the few churches in the country that has Social Justice Resolutions. Resolutions need to be written in a formal manner, then presented and passed by the congregation. This takes time so they are often out of date. Our current SJC revised the over 5 years old resolutions, created new resolutions and presented them at the October 15th Sunday service. We did not have the attendance that Sunday needed to vote. Though we had posted the resolutions online and publicized them in the newsletter, many folks had not had a chance to review them.

Please view the resolutions on the website, or view the attached PDF version, or view them on the church bulletin board. We hope you will read the draft resolutions, send input to, We will integrate input, post changes, and get back to those who contribute.

For the future, given the changing justice landscape, in order to be timely; we propose that our Church Bylaws be changed so that the congregationally elected SJC members can amend and add resolutions by unanimous council vote rather than waiting to present resolutions at congregational meetings. This proposal, if affirmed, will enable the SJC to spend its time working on justice projects supported by up-to-date Justice Resolutions.

1) Timely Justice Resolutions

We the congregation of First Unitarian Church of Honolulu do hereby amend our bylaws to reflect the need for timely social justice positions and the new opportunities for communications. In order to focus our church efforts in a fast-moving world, the Social Justice Resolutions may be amended, archived, or extended by unanimous vote of the congregationally elected Social Justice Council members.

The SJC wants to work with other organizations to magnify our efforts for justice. As directed by our congregational vote, the Social Justice Council has reviewed history, met with current FACE leadership and considered rejoining FACE. New leadership, flexible, low membership costs, and the opportunity to work with other churches and the FACE team on important share social justice issues, compel us to propose that First Unitarian Church of Honolulu should resume membership. After two years of consideration, we propose that the congregation vote to affirm:

2) FACE Membership Resolution

The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu hereby rejoins Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE).

In faith, Allison Jacobs, Catherine Graham, Deborah Bond-Upson, Lori Field, Nancy Young, and Raelynn Reyno Yeomans – Social Justice Council

Resolutions to be presented at the May 20th congregational meeting:

Proposed New Resolutions to:

Affirmed and Updated Resolutions to Support:

Affirmed and Updated Resolutions to Oppose:

Historic Resolutions to:


Board Resolution to: