Weekly Message from T. J. – Trivia Edition

Not ALL Fun and Games, but…

We had some good old fashioned fun last night at the weekly Pau Hana. We do this every Tuesday night at 6 pm by Zoom. And last night we had a great time looking together at some of the facts of our own church, other churches, Unitarian Universalism, and the history of both of the strands of our tradition. It was fun. I personally find actual verifiable facts something of a fine luxury in light of a lot of the kinds of information many of us are dealing with these days.

A few people who were with us for Pau Hana asked if I would post the quiz or the trivia online so they could research and look up some of the fun buildings and history, so I’m posting the quiz here: UU Trivia Quiz.

More and more, I am hearing people sharing that they are staring to “get back into” or “pick up” some of the older loves or pastimes they enjoy. One friend sheepishly admitted he’d spent the day playing video games. It’s not that surprising to anyone that we might be getting up to things we had outgrown. We are all facing a lot of “grown up” thinking and what a new generation likes to call “adulting” (you’re welcome for this new word). So living a little into what we might think is silly or trivial isn’t a bad thing.

I hope you’ll take a little time to google some of the important parts of history we covered last night in the trivia. As a people, folks in UU communities tend to have done a lot of spiritual work to arrive at a place that strives to much for freedom of thought and expression. So maybe digging in to more facts and history isn’t your thing. But behind almost all of these questions is more than history. There is a philosophy and a point of view about architecture, social justice, publishing, or many other things, that led a life to intersect somehow with UU history. I encourage you to take some time and maybe get a little more familiar with that philosophy, if not the facts that the philosophy or point of view created.

I know that life is not all fun and games for people right now. But even in a game we play, there can be much to learn. I hope any time you spend diving into these questions and their origins will be fun…and maybe even a game for some of you.

Sending many thoughts of care and wellness, friends.
Rev. T. J.

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  1. Are there any vacancy or will there be a vacancy soon in the apartments at the church?

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