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Together Again

Friends, I am going to take this time of my weekly message for something a little different. I want to explain some of what I’ve been up to for the past year in my free time and over a few study leaves.

Over the summer I began writing a book in response to many of the stories I was hearing of friends and others trying to make sense out of a life that seemed to be falling apart for many. The result was a book I’ve titled Together Again: Reconstructing a Life of Meaning.

The purpose of the book is to help people find or deepen a connection between their finest ideals and the actions they take in the world. There are some exercises in the book that readers are invited to follow, and there are stories and reflections to help illustrate why taking these actions is important.

I am extremely excited to share the book with anyone who will want to read it. The first release of the book will be on Amazon’s Kindle Store. This is part of the publisher’s marketing plan. I have my own issues with Amazon, and I know many of us share some of those issues. However, I have weighed the reality of the publishing world against my hope to help people and have decided to take my publisher’s advice and proceed with the marketing plan. I will not fault a single soul for choosing to purchase goods from resellers they trust and admire, however.

Part of this plan is to hold a one-day special Friends and Family Day for the purchase of the e-book or Kindle version from Amazon. On this special day, the Kindle version will be deeply discounted. The hope for this day is to have as many people as possible purchase the book on April 26. If we get enough people to purchase the book this day, then it will move into #1 in its category on Amazon. This will then help the publisher market the audio book (recorded by yours truly) and the print edition more effectively.

So…if you would like information about the release of the book, events leading up to it, and events on the day of the release, click on the link below to a page where you can sign up to receive information about the release.

I am planning a special Hawaii-based event for the launch day, so I will certainly let folks who sign up (and those who don’t) know about that as well.

I am so grateful for the wonderful support of this congregation. Your love and aloha are truly gifts beyond measure.

Mahalo, Rev. T. J.


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  1. Sign us up. We’ll be in Idaho by then and will put toothpicks under our eyelids to stay awake.

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