Weekly Message from T. J.

Happy Birthday to Me

Aloha all. Today is my 42nd birthday, Jackie Robinson’s number, and I’ll be taking it as a vacation day. I hope that everyone enjoys their day. Take a look at the interview we did with Judge Levinson last night if you can. There’s a link on this weekly bulletin. In truth, most of the questions came from members of our community, so it really is our interview. Or else check out some of the life of Jackie Robinson in honor of 42. You’ll be glad you did.

Enjoy your day, beloveds.

Rev. T. J.

7 Responses to “Weekly Message from T. J.

  1. Happy Birthday, T.J.! How could we have missed it. Have a wonderful day, and may your new year be filled with much joy, friendship, and love.

  2. Your Birth Number Day- June 17:
    In 1913, the 17th Amendment gave people the right to vote for their senators instead of the state legislature. This is called direct election, where the people choose who is in office. The amendment also said that if a senate seat is not filled, the governor can pick a new senator. The 17th Admendment was proposed and support by Progressive reformers in response to massive Senate corruption. Happy 42nd. Betsy

  3. Happy #42, T. J.!!! Tell us next time! Interview last night was very interesting.

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