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Friends, the world is changing before us. In cities, villages, and homes, the ways that policing and systemic racism come together in to the violence of white supremacy culture is being laid bare for so many to see. Today’s Weekly Message is a little different. I’m offering a few different ways to get involved from home in some of the many ways that people are responding to these changes everyday, from our own faith community to communities far and wide. I personally am trying to do something substantial every day to respond, support, and advance these movements. And there are so many ways to take part…

Anything you see in Green is a link to an event or a webpage. I hope that you can easily navigate these many ways to engage. Please let me know if there are any issues.

Last Night’s Pau Hana

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, last night’s Pau Hana lifted up the voices of black artists in beautiful and powerful ways. In particular, I think as many people as possible should listen to the original work by Je Purify, our beloved guest last night, which is the second song in this mini concert.

Tonight’s “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Tonight at 6 pm local time, perhaps one of the greatest voices that lifts up other voices, Oprah Winfrey, will continue a vital conversation with leaders across many disciplines to answer the question, “Where do we go from here.” This is Part 2 of the series. You can watch Part 1 at the same YouTube link. You can also watch tonight on Discovery Channel. Check your local listings.

Next Tuesday’s Pau Hana (June 16, 6 pm)

Next week we will welcome Judge Steven Levinson, former Supreme Court Justice, author of the Hawai’i Marriage Equality opinion, and former member of the police oversight committee in Honolulu. Judge Levinson’s very public leaving of that position in the past week is what let me to invite him to speak more about the present and future of policing in Honolulu. He asked that all who attend please familiarize themselves with this article from Civil Beat before our Pau Hana next Tuesday: If George Floyd Died In Hawaii, We’d Know Little About The Cop Who…

Poor People’s Campaign – June 20 Event

The Mass Poor People’s Assembly in D.C. will take place online. Some of our members are already registered and planning to attend. This is the culmination of years of planning by Rev. William Barber, III and is something not to be missed. It would be very helpful to the organization of the Poor People’s Campaign to actually RSVP to the event, even if you plan to view a rebroadcast at a more convenient time (it will be live at 4 am Hawai’i time on June 20 and rebroadcast later in the day).

Many blessings today to you all and many blessings on the work we are being called to complete in the coming days.

May it ever be so.
Rev. T. J.

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