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Gone Reflectin’

We have done so much this year together. From bringing joy and music to our community parades, to bringing new and exciting worship experiences to our sanctuary; from bringing fun and engaging lessons to our keiki in worship and the classroom, to organizing our communities for the March for Our Lives and Poor People’s Campaign; from supporting one another in our Chalice Circles, to supporting our community partners month after month, we are making a difference in the lives of our community and in the lives of each other.

As some of you know, our fiscal year ended on June 30. We are in a new fiscal year, so for many of us here, it feels like the beginning of a new year. Three new committed and dedicated people will begin their service on your Board of Directors, folks are embracing new roles and letting some past roles shift to others of us here, and there are new ideas coming from people all the time about things we’d like to do this year. This time of transition, this time of change, is exactly what gives new hopes and new life to our community. For all of those who are departing roles, Mahalo! To all those embracing new ones, Mahalo!

For myself, I am taking my first extended time for study and reflection beginning today. I will be back at church on July 24. In this time I will be planning for the coming year of worship, of caring for our shared community, and of engaging even further in our wider community in life-giving and enriching ways. In my absence I will be disconnected from e-mail for periods of time. Should any matters arise that require immediate assistance, please reach out to a Board member or your Chalice Circle leader. Also, my trusted friend and colleague from Central Union Church, Rev. Brandon Duran has offered to make himself available should something immediate arise for which pastoral support or care is needed. You can reach him at his email address or at his number 465 5887.

I am filled with gratitude daily for the gift this community is to me and to our community. I hope you will all send good wishes my way during reflection. And I hope you will give some of your own thought or time of reflection to ways you might envision our community being of even greater service and greater purpose as we seek always to be boldly growing compassion, justice, and joy.

Mahalo, and many blessings to you all.

Rev. T. J.


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  1. Aloha Rev. T. J. ~
    I’m happy to send good wishes your way during your well-deserved time for study and reflection. I’m looking forward to the adventure of a year ahead with the gifts of your leadership, talent, and love.

  2. Being stuck in California I take great comfort in knowing that our Minister is the guy he is. And I can return to this beautiful community.

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