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There and Back Again

It was a great blessing to have some time for rejuvenation! Because I know how much we all love seeing pictures of a vacations…here are some from mine. There are only 10, so I am not taxing you all too much.

  • UUHonolulu alumni
    First stop was Washington State to see my family. Our beloved Troy and Mauricio moved to a house just a few miles from my sister! So my sister had them over the Taco night. It was a blessing to see our friends so happy and enjoying life!
  • Since you were probably wondering, here is me and my amazing sister! I miss her a lot, but it was wonderful to spend time with her.
  • Next I went to Portland, where I was introduced to my god-dog, Charlie. We got along great, and dogs were an important part of this journey as you'll see!
  • The next stop was Rochester, New York to see my friends from high school. We went to a baseball game and some other things, but mostly just hung out with these dogs!
  • From Rochester, we drove over to Saratoga Springs, New York, where much of my family is located. Here are the dogs..again...but being a little braver than they were on their couch at home. We were proud of them!
  • After my friends left, the lake was very quiet. I had a lot of time to meditate and contemplate life from my dock, staring into the mists of time...I'm not kidding.
  • Aging
    When the weather was cloudy I visited a friend down in Albany, New York. At a self-checkout kiosk, the overhead camera reminded us both how nice it is to be together in some things in our lives...it's good to have things in common with friends.
  • I went back to Saratoga Springs, and at dinner, the street out front of the restaurant was suddenly filled by this scene of police force...
  • ...It didn't take long to see that a Black Lives Matter uprising event was happening and provoked this response. When a number of observers (like me and others) began to yell to the police to let them pass, they did. There were legal observers from the ACLU on hand who spoke with the police. It was a peaceful and powerful reminder of how much work we all have to do.
  • And finally I made a trip to New York City for dinner with my cousins. I am the oldest boy by a few years...and I am also the shortest...by about a head and a set of shoulders. But it was still a great trip.

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  1. Family, friends, a quiet lake, a BLM demonstration and DOGS. what more could you ask for? Thank you for sharing your vacation pics!

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