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Personal Day

Aloha Friends,

Some of you likely picked up in the sermon that I surprised an uninvited visitor in my home last week who was trying to make off with some of my belongings and the belongings of my friend. After giving chase and retrieving all of my belongings, I had a lot more to do last week. And this week has also been pretty busy so far. But today I have a clearer schedule, and I am going to do something I’ve heard a lot about in movies, but I haven’t done very often in my life: take a personal day.

I know this is usually a space where I reflect on some of the spiritual lessons life teaches us (or at least me). And today’s lesson is coming to me from some advisors and spiritual caregivers of mine: take a break, buddy.

I realize that I could easily have not posted this message and simply taken a day, but it is important for all of us (not only ministers) to model and make clear the importance of caring for ourselves when the need arises.

I am well. I am safe. And I am happy. But I’m going to follow the same advice I’m pretty sure I’d give anyone in my situation: take a little break where you can. And I will always say, following our own advice is a deeply spiritual act in a day when so much of care and rest seem to be things other people need.

One note, if you’re reading this and know you have something scheduled with me today, don’t worry. Those appointments are being kept. But I am taking some time today to take a break as much as I can.

Many blessings of care to all,
Rev. T. J.

2 Responses to “Weekly Message from T. J.

  1. Glad to hear it! Both that you’re taking a break, and that you follow your own advice.
    Now that’s a role model.

  2. I am so very sorry Rev T J. You are very brave. As I read what you wrote, my stomach is churning. Had you seen this person before? Was the person punished? Many blessings of care to you.

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