Weekly Message from Rev. T. J.

A Note of Understanding

My weekly message this week is less of a reflection and more of a report. I’ve been hearing concerns lately about an incident that took place nearby the church building late Sunday, January 23 and early Monday, January 24. Someone left the dryer you see here at the entrance of the church. Within about an hour and a half of hearing about the appearance of the dryer, I arrived at the church with Jim Cooper, your Board President, to move the dryer out of the way of the driveway.

I can’t speak to the feelings of any witness to the dryer, but I do want to speak to the feelings shared with me that I should have reported this incident more widely to the church community. I apologize for not doing that sooner. I understand it’s caused some confusion, annoyance, or disruption. From a practical point of view, Sunday worship was already very full, and I wanted to take the short Moment for Ministry to announce the welcoming of people back into worship on March 6. I felt that news like this would have distracted from the service your Worship Team had prepared so lovingly.

But there are also considerations of the heart here. As the person who has personally replaced the Black Lives Matter banner 17 times, scrubbed spray paint from more than a few of those signs, captured and reviewed the video images of people cutting into the sign, and worked with the police on three occasions regarding the sign, I think I grew a little numb to actions like these. I will do better in the future, my friends.

On Tuesday, February 8, Board President, Jim Cooper and I will be co-hosting Pau Hana to answer questions about re-opening the church. If you have concerns about this or really about anything, I encourage you to attend and let us know what’s on your heart. We are looking forward to it.

With aloha,
Rev. T. J.

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  1. I just want to say thank you for your unrelenting, persistent care of our Black Lives Matter banner, Reverend T.J.!

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