Gift Card Scam – Again

Rev. T. J. Does Not Need Gift Cards

Friends, it’s happening again. It’s that time of year. When the traditions of years’ past come to us in new and wonderful ways. And this time, we yet again have someone impersonating me trying to get you to buy gift cards. If a message is not coming from the address “” it is not from me. Please just mark it as SPAM. I have already reported this to the authorities.

I’ve said it numerous times, but it bears repeating: I will NEVER ask anyone to buy gift cards for me. Period. So please simply ignore the messages.

As many of you know I am on study leave until January 12. But I thought it was important to get this message out to all who read this to be try to prevent any unnecessary confusion. All the best in the New Year, my friends.

Love always,
Rev. T. J.

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