Weekly Message from T. J.

We Give Thanks
A Meditation and a Prayer for First Unitarian Church of Honolulu

In a space out of time, out of our human knowledge and understanding,

A spark lit the flame of the existence, the reality, the web of life we share today.

In a space out of sight, beyond vision we know today, hidden from the greatest searchers,

The flame warms the hearts of those who share in this interconnected web.

In a space out of reach, stretched out far from any human hands, untouchable,

The unknown spark, the unseen flame, and the chalice that cradles their future unite once and forever.


We venture, we travel, we seek in these days what we might behold to say, “thanks.”

A human past ravaged with discord, harm, and pain.

A human present lacking too often in too much.

A human future, here on this blue boat we share, uncertain, unsightly, and unknown.


And all the while, time trickles and winds through the days we share together, the hours we offer, and instants we capture and hold close, and for this we give thanks.

All the while, a vision creeps out from our dreaming to cast itself against our eyes and our hearts, a vision of plentiful wholeness, of healing and of grace, and for this we give thanks.

All the while, we grasp the hand of our neighbor and sing for peace,

We hold the ones we love to our heart and say that all will be well,

We touch the holy, the sacred, the beloved in our midst, in our reach,

And for this we give thanks.


Now is the time, for it is always the time,

This is our vision, for it is always our vision,

We hold fast now, for we should always hold fast,

To the most tender hope for compassion, for justice, and for joy.

And for this, we give thanks.


Blessings to each and every one of you in this season.


T. J.