WHEREAS The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu affirms the need for peace, liberty and justice for all, while condemning tyranny and injustice, and-

WHEREAS, We honor and respect the dedication, courage and ongoing sacrifices by our Service personnel along with their families in the “Global War on Terrorism”, and-

WHEREAS, It is clear those at the highest levels of government willfully and callously disregarded professional concerns of military and intelligence experts, thus supporting a flawed and dangerous preemptive war policy which endangers our Troops and many civilians the longer we stay,

THEREFORE, Be it Resolved, We declare our condemnation of policies rushing us to war, and any and all attempts to manipulate intelligence and the media to support such irresponsible misadventures, and-

THEREFORE, Be it Further Resolved, We seek to add our voices to those who seek an expeditious end to the conflict, thereby reducing the perils our military must face and hasten their return from the Middle East, and-

THEREFORE, Be it Further Resolved, We call upon the United States House of Representatives and the Senate to confront the administration to end the Iraqi conflict as soon as possible.

Passed: June 4, 2006   NOT Reaffirmed Nov. 18, 2012 or Nov. 6, 2017