Join a Chalice Circle: Where Listening Is Practiced, Learned and Valued

Chalice Circles, our established small group ministry program, are meeting regularly via Zoom.

Contact us if you would like to:

  • Regularly connect with others in a small group via Zoom

  • Engage in substantial questions that  go beyond small talk

  •  Listen attentively & share deeply

  • Explore ideas, needs and emotions in a high-trust environment

  • Benefit from being part of a caring community

Various dates and times are available. Contact Carla Allison,, 396­-1488

8 Responses to “Join a Chalice Circle: Where Listening Is Practiced, Learned and Valued

  1. Is there no longer a place for old members to “catch up” with their friends there in Honolulu? Is Catherine Graham still there? What about Molly and Al Rowland? I was a member there almost 30 years. It would be nice to know. Nancy Schindler? Our little fellowship here is going well (43 members) and we’ve made a bid on a building! Daughter Karen is an Art teacher in HS, also very active in fellowship.

  2. Hi Monica, Long time no hear! Yes, Catherine Graham and the Rowlands are still here; Nancy Schildt is President of the Congregation and I’m VP. I think you might remember me as Susan Yamane. I later married Dan Carpenter, so I’m now Yamane-Carpenter. Our church community and minister are wonderful. I hope you get a chance to read Rev. TJ’s sermons in the Worship section of the website. Very inspiring. Unfortunately I don’t remember your daughter Karen. Are you stil in Idaho?

  3. Hi ! I live in Santa Cruz Ca. and have visited the UU in Aptos, and also Provincetown.
    which was amazing. I had a Holliday dinner in Aptos and heard a great speaker from Hawaii ! If I moved back to Hawaii i think your church would be my church. Im 67
    and would love an e mail pen pal ,, from your church to correspond with.
    I love your beautiful Island ! thank you Scott R

  4. I entered and Re entered the join code but it kept asking me for my password and that was not what I remembered from my first ji
    Line. I’m
    N short I will have to go get sone further instruction to join with you all. I am missing something in my memory or my tech processes…. all the same?….

  5. Karen, If you enter with the code, rather than by clicking on the link, then you have to also use the password that should have been provided along with the code.

  6. Carla, It might be useful to mention the specific times that the different chalice circles meet, so that someone interested would know if there was one that met when they were free to participate. (There used to be a list of the various circles, along with when and where they met, and the contact for each. Is that still available somewhere?)

  7. If there’s response, I’m willing and (still) able to offer to facilitate a group to meet to discuss end-of-life issues.

  8. I’m interested in discussing end-of-life issues (but have only certain times free). I would only want to do it on Zoom until Covid is over.

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