Why I Need Meditation - Archived

Dear Ones:

For the past two decades, Secular Buddhism has helped me heal deep emotional wounds.

My meditation practice has been a beneficial way for me to ground. Whether I’m deep breathing, candle gazing, using singing bowls, or doing a walking meditation, meditation helps sustain me.

Research has shown that just ten minutes of meditation can lower stress and blood pressure, and cause one to feel uplifted for a while.

I think meditation can help others in BLUU community too.

That’s why I would like to invite BLUU Beloveds and other Black community to join BLUU’s Sangha/Meditation on the Third Monday of each Month.

You can join us for a mediation today.

Participants in BLUU Monday Meditation have said they feel energized yet relaxed after meditation, despite dealing with challenging events during the day.

Consider taking 30 minutes to join our Sangha every third Monday of the month from 8:25 p.m.- 8:55 p.m. Eastern.

Namasté. Àšę Blessed be,

Ms. Alice

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