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BLUU provides support, information, and resources for Black Unitarian Universalists across the country. Through our faith, BLUU also helps with groundbreaking initiatives for Black people. We’re excited to share updates about our Housing Initiative and programming. Support from donors, volunteers and the UU community help make this happen. Thank you!

BLUU officially started the Housing Cooperative Initiative in 2019 by purchasing eight vacant lots in North Minneapolis with the goal of turning them into affordable, dignified homes for Black and Indigenous families in a cooperative housing structure.


Since then, we’ve navigated a variety of challenges:

  • Zoning laws that were voted in but not yet implemented.
  • Funding from multiple sources, each with different requirements.
  • New construction utility line issues.

These are all challenges that need to be resolved before we can start construction.


Even with these challenges, Lena Gardner, BLUU Executive Director, has remained steadfast in her commitment to this project and has been advancing progress.

BLUU is getting closer to turning those vacant lots into homes that will be owned collectively by the families who reside in them.




We look forward to updating you on our work as it progresses. Learn more about BLUU’s Collaborative Housing Initiative.

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Rev. Mykal Slack has been serving BLUU as the Community Minister for Worship & Spiritual Care since 2016. Mykal started his career as a civil rights lawyer in NYC focused on supporting the LGBTQ+ community. After practicing for six years, he was called to the church and found a welcoming and supportive LGBTQ+ ministry at the Metropolitan Community Church in NY. Soonafter, Mykal left his legal career and shifted courses to serve Unitarian Universalism.


Mykal’s work for BLUU is inspired by  the sense of belonging that BLUU has created for Black UUs. Witnessing BLUU participants and members gathering, letting their shoulders down, and truly being themselves in Black Sacred Space is what calls Mykal to do this work.


Mykal receives emails and calls from Black UUs across the country needing support. Far too often, the connections are spurred by racism experienced in a predominantly white congregation and Black UUs need support to talk it over.


Pastoral and spiritual care has been the foundation of BLUU programming since its inception. Learn more about BLUU’s pastoral care.

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