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UUs Commit to Addressing Ableism
EqUUal Access
The UUA and EqUUal Access have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support our Unitarian Universalist faith communities’ work for accessibility and inclusion, and expanding our commitments to disability justice. The MOU builds on the historic partnership between the two organizations. It ensures that the UUA will provide more resources and staff to address ableism within Unitarian Universalism and to support equity in the engagement of disabled people in society as a whole.
“We are thrilled to move forward together with the UUA on the work defined in this memorandum of understanding,” said EqUUal Access Board of Directors in a statement. “It has taken a long time and much perseverance by those doing disability advocacy and disability justice work to arrive at this important milestone. We look forward to our collective efforts to establish disability justice as a priority for our association, its congregations, and the broader communities we are part of.”
With the MOU, the UUA and EqUUal Access agreed to:
  1. Build up the use of an anti-ableist lens in Unitarian Universalism, and provide resources to UU faith communities for this work;
  2. Invest in the leadership of disabled people, and build up the capacity of the UU disability community to create by-us-for-us spaces; and
  3. Advance disability justice as a core aspect of the UUA’s justice and organizing.
“This MOU creates a strong, transparent and accountable foundation for our relationship with EqUUal Access for years to come,” said Carey McDonald, the UUA’s Executive Vice President. “It puts resources into our commitment to countering ableism, advancing disability justice, and promoting full inclusion in UUA spaces and in our local congregation and communities. We are grateful to EqUUal Access for their long-term partnership, and recognize that expanding the UUA’s support of historically marginalized communities is a core recommendation of the 2020 Widening the Circle of Concern report from the Commission on Institutional Change.”
For more information contact pr@uua.org.
Call for GA 2023 Program Proposals
ga attendees watch a virtual presenter from a large screen in a ballroom
Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal for either virtual or in-person programming for the 2023 Multi-platform General Assembly. Presenters from historically and currently marginalized communities, including people of color and youth, are encouraged to apply. Proposed programs should provide meaningful opportunities for learning and skill development, as well as address one or more of the following focus areas:
  • Becoming Adaptive and Resilient: Programs that equip congregations and leaders for these changing times. What is needed for congregations to nurture adaptive and resilient practices and to lean into change and experimentation. What new practices or programs are gaining momentum, engaging leaders, and fostering community for all ages, including children, youth, and families.
  • Becoming Theologically Rooted: Create opportunities for people to engage and deepen their understanding of our liberating theology and how it can offer hope, resilience, and courage for these times.
  • Becoming Skilled in Faithful Praxis: Opportunities to skill up in our justice work, to move beyond paternalism to partnership and solidarity in our justice work and to partner across congregations and nationally for change.
  • Becoming Connected in Community: Opportunities to embody our community of communities through programs that bring people together around affinity and identity and theology for sustenance, relationships, care, and networking.
The program proposal deadline is Friday, January 13.
Share Your GA Story
General Assembly is an unforgettable experience for the thousands of Unitarian Universalists and partners who attend each June. Do you or someone you know have a story to share about how General Assembly has meaningfully affected your life, your spiritual journey, your social justice activism, or your connection to Unitarian Universalism? We are seeking testimonials to share with the UU community on the power of participating in GA.
Article II Study Commission Feedback Sessions
The Article II Study Commission is excited to share a full draft of Article II (PDF, 3 Pages) for feedback. The Study Commission’s outreach team will be hosting Zoom feedback sessions in the first half of November, along with gathering feedback through a forthcoming online form for individual comments.
The Study Commission will present its final draft to the Board in January for inclusion on the agenda for GA 2023. It will then be the subject of mini-Assemblies before the initial vote at General Assembly. If it passes that delegate vote by a simple majority (more than half), it will require a two-thirds majority vote at GA 2024 to become the new Article II of the Bylaws.
This draft makes significant changes to Article II. We invite you to read it using one of the practices we have started following in our work:
  • Read it the first time to observe how it makes you feel.
  • Read a second time, observe what it makes you think.
  • Finally read it a third time before thinking about any suggestions.
It will be ideal if you can hold suggestions until the online form is available so that they can be more easily gathered and read. But do feel free to direct questions to changemanager@uua.org.
Zoom Feedback Session Registration

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