Weekly Newsletters and Kukui Lamalama Monthly Magazine – How to Engage!

Weekly Newsletter and Monthly Magazine Flash…

A Rose By Any Other Name…

We now refer to our weekly update as the Weekly Newsletter and to our Kukui Lamalama as our Monthly Magazine. Soon we will have current and new Weekly Newsletters up on the Weekly Newsletter page– but we are at work on the archive now. Coming soon!

The Weekly Newsletter gives us quick updates on what events are happening. The Monthly Magazine has longer, more reflective pieces on what is going on in our church and our larger community. It also features images and videos. The most recent two Kukui Lamalama Magazines are available in “flipbook” format on the Monthly Magazine page

Posting to the Weekly Newsletter and Website
Please post your items for the Weekly Newsletter by making a “Post” for a News item and an “Event” for events. These will be reviewed and posted on the website and included in the next Weekly Newsletter e-blast.

Submitting to Kukui Lamalama Monthly Magazine
The deadline for our July 2017 Monthly Magazine Kukui Lamalama is Noon, Sunday, June 18th.
Please email a copy to Magazine@UnitariansofHI.org or leave a typed copy in the Church Office in the Monthly Magazine Mail Box.
Photos can be uploaded at our Google Shared Album or emailed to Magazine@UnitariansofHI.org.Please post and riteMahalo!

Please post and write– we all look forward to your entries!

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  1. this page does not say HOW to post to the weekly newsletter. It should be changed to say HOW

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