Weekly Message from T. J.


So, Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, right? Well, in the spirt of taking part in this worldwide phenomenon, I am taking a vacation in Hawaii this week!

Already I’ve had the chance to take in a jog around Diamond Head, a destination for runners around the world. I also scaled KoKo Crater and all of its steps (with the help of my friend’s one-year-old border collie, Venus). She enjoyed herding the climbers up and down the trail…not all the climbers enjoyed it, however.

Though I am on vacation this week, some obligations remain in place. I will definitely be at the planning meeting for the Poor People’s Campaign today (Wednesday) at 6 pm in the sanctuary to take part in the success of this important event. I hope to see as many people there as possible.

Now, until this week, staycations (when you stay at home but have time off) were tricky. Since I was living where I also worked, staycations were not really possible. But on Friday I moved out of the church grounds. This was always the plan once I decided to stay on past my first ten-month contract. I will always be so grateful for the soft and gracious landing in Hawaii that the space provided, so thank you always to all who made that possible.

And now, with my first staycation fully under way, I am beginning once again to see the island we share in a new way. Though entertaining all of the guests I have has helped to see the island through the eyes of tourists, of visitors, it was always someone else’s eyes. It is this week, really for the first time, that I am vacationing here in Hawaii. For those of you who don’t know, I had never even visited Hawaii prior to agreeing to serve this church. I just figured an entire world of tourists couldn’t be wrong.

And now I get to see for certain if they were right…I’ll see you all next week.

Many blessings,
Rev. T. J.

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  1. Have a wonderful staycation, T.J.! There is a lot to experience on this tiny island. Great that you took “a leap of faith” at the beginning. ?

  2. Yes, enjoy your vacation, T. J.! You’ve already done a lot of stuff I’ve never done. The Manoa Falls hike (if you haven’t done that yet) is a great one…just wear lots of mosquito repellent. And I’ve always wanted to do the tourist outrigger rides in Waikiki. I can’t surf, but that looks like a close second. Finally, the free hula shows on Kuhio Beach are a nice “staycation” type of activity. True, it’s touristy and in Waikiki, but being on the beach at sunset is really lovely. 🙂

  3. And the Friday night fireworks from the beach in front of the Hale Koa…

  4. Sunset at House Without A Key at Halekalani Hotel is a definte plus – 3 piece mele group – Miss Hula dancing – pupus – Mai Tai or Plantation Ice Tea and sunset – paradise.
    Mai Tai Catermaran in Waikiki – atlantis submarine in Waikiki – Zoo and Aquarium – Coconut Island – Plantation Village in Waipahu – Haleiwa town and Aioki shave ice – Alli’i Tour at Macadamia Nut Farm near Kuala is a must and hidden secret. – Sea Life Park and Water Park – Makapu’u Lighthouse hike – Ka’ena Point – Haunama Bay and Shark Bay snorkeling – Chinatown and KCC Farmers Market on Saturday morning – I should be a tour guide – so much to do – so little time. Happy staycation and days off to follow.

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