Wake Now Our Vision - Archived

How do you see our church in fifteen years? Thirty years? We can make a difference in the life of our church, even for years after we’re no longer here by making a legacy contribution for the future. Through the denomination’s Wake Now Our Vision Collaborative Campaign to make our giving even more valuable, the Shelter Rock UU Church has made five million dollars available for amounts of $1000 to be given now for each legacy contribution promised. So far donors at other churches have made use of two thirds of the promised five million. We already have a few donors, but now is our opportunity to bring this bounty to our church.

David Davis, Nan Kleiber, and Nancy Young have formed a Legacy Committee to help you arrange your giving. The simplest way to make a bequest is to change the beneficiary designation of a life insurance policy or an IRA. Your lawyer can help you to amend your will or trust or create one for you if you do not have one. The committee is putting together a list of lawyers to recommend to you in case you need one. Jim Myers and Mabel Babcock have given their example, however it’s not necessary to give the huge amounts they gave (unless you will have such available!). Even if giving this way has never seriously crossed your mind, now you can make the most of your giving using this opportunity. We, your committee, are ready to answer questions.  ~~Nancy Young