Video Tour of the Website– learn how to use it and add to it! - Archived

Did you know there is a video to show how to use the website? Here it is. It is 19 minutes long– but if you don’t want to learn how to edit and add content, you can just listen to the first part.

2 Responses to “Video Tour of the Website– learn how to use it and add to it! - Archived

  1. Omg, this is wonderful! Excellent explanation video, Deborah, & the new website is amazing ~such a great leap forward in allowing & encouraging participation by everyone & in the efficiency of communication. I’m very impressed, inspired, & very, very grateful that we are so lucky & so blessed to have you, Deborah . . . as I know it was you who envisioned & created this great resource. This is just so far beyond the capability of every other website I’ve ever met . . . You are amazing!! You positively rock!! Mahalo nui loa for being so proactive, so dedicated, & so brilliant, Deborah; you are a treasure!

    1. That is so sweet of you, Ka`imi! We are still refining it and as congregants learn to use it we hope it gets to be a more and more effective way for us to grow and spread compassion, justice and joy!

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