UUs and Family Promise – A chance to feed Homeless Families - Archived

Social Service is important to UUs.  Homelessness is an issue that we UUs would like fixed.  Family Promise is a great organization that needs our help to fix homelessness.  Family Promises houses homeless families, (vetted by Family Promise, at lease one parent needs to be employed), in different churches for a week at a time, while offering assistance in finding a permanent housing situation, financial counseling, parenting classes, etc.

We UUs have been a partner church with Nuuanu Congregational Church across the Pali for several years, preparing dinners for up to 20 people for a week, 4 times a year.  Not very hard work.

We have the chance to partner with another congregation – First United Methodist (across the street from the Honolulu Art Museum, you know the one).  They need our help to prepare meals for 7 nights, October 28 to Nov. 3 and also one person to spend the night for security purposes.

What this entails:

  1. Sign up for a date to bring dinner for up to 20 people
  2. Arrive between 5:30pm and 5:45pm to deliver the already prepared meal
  3. Eat with the families
  4. Help clean up
  5. Someone to spend the night (not necessarily the meal provider)

This is a great family activity or chance for any of us to provide this service.

Email Catherine Graham at catgraham48@gmail.com for more info or to sign up.