UUPCC: Oct. 1 Membership Mtg, Dissolution Resolution - Archived

Dear Members,

We know there has been a lot of information coming your way and we appreciate your attentiveness.

This is a time of sadness as we come to the end of the UUPCC as we have known it. It is also a time of excitement as we move forward into exploring new possibilities together.

This message highlights 3 things to know for the Friday Oct. 1st Membership Meeting at 12pm ET.

  1. This Meeting Packet for the Oct. 1st Membership Meeting. In it you will find the Resolution put forward by the Board of Directors along with important details on the Voting Procedures for both Individual and Institutional members.
  2. The list of Updates from the International U/U Collaboration Group. This includes their Concluding Recommendations as well as previous reports.
  3. A reminder of the UUPCC Conversation meetings scheduled for:

Monday Sept. 27 at 7pm ET & Tuesday Sept. 28 at 12pm ET.

Please note there will be no discussion at the Friday, Oct. 1st meeting prior to the vote. These 2 meetings are your opportunity to discuss the Resolution, and share feedback on the Collaboration Group’s Report.

Thank you for your care and attention to all that has been presented. Your commitment to Partnership continues to be an inspiration.

Rev. Morgan McLean                                    Rev. Fred Muir
UUPCC Board Chair                                     UUPCC Executive Director

UUPCC | www.uupcc.org| (314) 918-2618

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