UUPCC: Intl. Collaboration report and next steps! - Archived

The ICUU/UUPCC International Collaboration Conclusions Report is ready!

Dear Members and Friends,


During the past 19 months, our Collaboration group has been in deep conversation with all our global Partners. This long-awaited report of “Concluding Recommendations” builds on previous reports and all the feedback we’ve received from you and our international connections.

We strongly encourage you to read and discuss this important document with your home congregation and to note the recommendations for conversations to have with your Partner congregation. https://uupcc.org/sites/default/files/iuucg_concluding_recommendations_september_20212_0.pdf

Additionally, you are invited to watch this video message from the International U/U Collaboration Group. Please share it widely. https://vimeo.com/611689566

Here’s another piece of good news. The UUA’s International Office has agreed to hire a part-time Partnership Consultant so that existing Partner Congregations will continue to receive critical support and in the transitional work ahead for us all. This new position will be filled by the end of this year.

If you haven’t done so yet, mark your calendars to attend the upcoming informational Zoom meetings on September 27 and 28, and the October 1 Dissolution vote. (A Membership Meeting Packet for the October 1 vote and Zoom links for upcoming meetings will be emailed later this week.)

Lastly, if you need to catch up on all the 2021 Collaboration happenings, go here for a timeline of events. https://uupcc.org/initiatives/2020-2021-uupcc-icuu-collaboration

See you online next week,

Morgan McLean, President UUPCC Board

Fred Muir, UUPCC Interim Director

John Gibbons, International U/U Collaboration Group

 [Email: office@upcc.org]  [www.uupcc.org]

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