UUPCC / ICUU International Collaboration - Archived

Coming Together Is Growth


Dear UUPCC Members and Friends,
I am grateful for your support of the UUPCC. This has been a year of both internal examination and outward exploration. Our collaboration work continues in new ways in the virtual world.
Please click to read the New Vision update from the International U/U Collaboration Group. In it we explore our renewed hopes, our new discoveries, and our questions.
The UUPCC Board is committed to continuing these conversations. We are eager to hear more of your hopes and ideas as we explore these possibilities.
In the coming month we will be hosting open meetings for conversation with YOU our members and supporters. Please watch for an invitation to attend.
With gratitude,
Morgan Mclean
UUPCC Board President
UUPCC | 483 Lockwood Ave, Ste 109, St. Louis, MO 63119

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