UUPCC / ICUU Collaboration Update - Archived

We’re Listening & Discerning

Dear Partner Members and Friends,

I hope this message finds you enjoying the summer, staying safe, and supporting your local church partnership team.

As we deliberately move toward the coming dissolution, activity within our UUPCC Board of Directors has been ongoing.  We continue to explore various avenues for a smooth transition into the future of partnership and are holding deep and broad conversations with our ICUU partners, the UUA, and with each other.

From your emails and Zoom conversations, we have heard and understand your concerns about what partnering will look like in a post-UUPCC world. So while we are hard at work determining the actual services and systems that could be in place by late fall, please know that addressing these concerns is a top priority for both board and staff. If you wish to listen to the June Zoom meeting recordings, click here: https://uupcc.org/media/news/uupcc-icuu-collaboration-discussion-zoom-recordings

Based on your feedback we have identified these three priorities to be addressed.

  1. Facilitating and sustaining existing and new partnerships
  2. Transfer of funds to partner congregations and organizations
  3. Providing support for travel and pilgrimages

With these ends in mind, we are committed to creating a plan that will help inform your congregational partnerships.  We will provide more details as we move ahead.

Thank you for your support and confidence as we keep building our bridge to a promising future.

Take care,
Rev. Morgan McLean                                    Rev. Fred Muir
UUPCC Board Chair                                     UUPCC Interim Executive Director

UUPCC | www.uupcc.org| (314) 918-2618

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