UUPCC: Farewell to Rev. Fred Muir - Archived

We Bid Farewell

to Interim Director Rev. Fred Muir

Dear Partnership Supporters,

Today, November 30, is my last day as the UUPCC’s Interim Executive Director.  For some time now I have been reflecting on what a wonderful, exhilarating and inspiring eighteen months I have had the honor of sharing with you.  This ministry has been far more deepening and enriching than I ever imagined.  Together we have nurtured new friendships and experiences; we have created stimulating, shaping and renewing personal and institutional memories and milestones.  For these and so much more that I’m sure I will discover and remember in the months and years to come, I will be forever grateful.

I owe thanks to many who have educated, guided and worked with me along this path.  To our administrative co-workers who have been brilliant: Katrina, Libby and Caroline.  To the PCC Board of Directors and most especially Board Chair Rev. Morgan McLean: Your care, passion and vision have been extraordinary.  Finally, to Rev. Alicia Forde and Rob Kipp at the UUA’s International Office: You brought to every engagement confidence, professionalism and a commitment to our faith that made it so much easier (and fun) to complete assignments.<

I step away from this shared work and leave you in very good hands.  Two significant developments have lifted my spirit.  First, current UUPCC Board Chair, Rev. Morgan McLean, has agreed to be the part time UU Partnering Consultant (as a UUA contract employee).  Rev. Morgan’s familiarity and commitment to the PCC legacy and her working knowledge of all-things-PCC will serve you well during the transition period.  This is expected to be a six to eight month position and begins with our PCC dissolution (December 31).  You may contact Morgan at uupartnerships@gmail.com

Second, the last several months have seen starts, stops, anxieties and lots of deep breathing!  Patience remains our mantra when every day brings new developments as we unhook from twenty-eight years of practice.  During this transition, the UUA has been so very supportive.  As we move forward, the UUA International Office has agreed to fill several gaps while helping to smooth out some remaining rough edges.   You’ll be happy to know that your fund transfers is one of these support services.  The transfer schedule to partnered congregations, organizations and sponsored students and children remains the same.  You can read more and make your usual transfer donations here: https://www.uua.org/international/partnerships.

As additional doors are opened and new developments occur in our international collaborations, watch for upcoming UUA announcements.  Transparency and communication are high priorities.

I am very excited about the future of Unitarian Universalist internationalism.  Our aspirations, promises and journey all point in a hopeful and meaningful direction.  I look forward to the writing and witnessing of a new era.

Again, thank you for our time together.  Take care,
Fred Muir

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