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Quick News from the UU-UNO

Your UUA Office at the UN is so grateful to all who attended the events in the last week that we hosted to honor the UN’s 75th anniversary and the current U.S. election. For those who were unable to participate or wish to review or share the recordings, please enjoy below! Feel welcome to share these with friends or fellow congregants. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and commitment to global engagement.

Our Goal of World Community: The United Nations at 75

In honor of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary last week, the UUA Office at the UN hosted a virtual event to highlight the importance of this global body and of continued engagement with it. Presenters spoke to the ways in which Unitarian Universalists have been and continue to be influential at the United Nations. All recognized the critical moment we find ourselves in as a planet with crises that threaten life in so many dimensions: environmental, political, social, medical, economic… There is much to be concerned about, and, we were reminded: there are also many things to celebrate! The United Nations offers us a beautiful hope for that Unitarian Universalist Sixth Principle goal of world community. If we continue to invest in and engage with the UN, our world can become one where peace, liberty, and justice are realized for all. Watch and share the video of the full event below!

Presenters in order of appearance:

  • Allison Hess, International Engagement Associate, Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Bruce Knotts, Director, Unitarian Universalist Association Office at the United Nations
  • Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray, President, Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Vyda Ng, Executive Director, Canadian Unitarian Council
  • Gillian Sorensen, International Rescue Committee, formerly Assistant Secretary General at the UN, then with the UN Foundation. She is a lifelong UU.
  • Hawa Diallo, United Nations Department of Global Communications
  • Chris King, United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs
  • Craig Mokhiber, Director, New York Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Bobbi Nassar, Co-chair, Nongovernmental Organization Committee on Human Rights at the United Nations
  • Rev. Alicia R. Forde, Director, Unitarian Universalist Association International Office

UU the Vote for Climate Justice

The UU@UN was also proud to co-host an event on United Nations Sunday along with UU the Vote, UU Ministry for Earth, and the New Florida Majority, highlighting the climate justice issues at stake in this U.S. election. Watch and share the video below which includes both the international UN perspective and a grassroots Florida perspective on how critical this election is up and down the ballot for the climate justice movement.

Presenters in order of appearance:

  • Aly Tharp, Create Climate Justice Initiative Manager and UU Ministry for Earth Program Director
  • Nicole Pressley, UU the Vote National Campaign Manager
  • Allison Hess, UUA International Engagement Associate
  • Joanne Pérodin, The New Florida Majority Climate Justice Program Manager
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