UU Ministry for Earth Year in Review

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For this month’s E-news we are doing something a little bit different and instead of promoting all the activities and events to come we are going to take time to look back at some of the highlights of our last year.

Nothing we do here at UUMFE could get done without YOUR support. The  whole staff and board thanks you for everything you do. Thank you for your financial contributions, your generous gifts of time and attendance, thank you for sharing our posts on social media, and thank you for calling legislators or taking other steps after seeing our call to action. We are grateful. 



Take a peek at our video below for our highlights in 30 seconds.⬇️

Year in Review UUMFE
Access the full recordings here and here. 





We have created and shared A LOT of FREE resources this year. If you are in climate work and a need a template for facilitating a circle, or simply want some structure for your own internal work, check our  Action/Reflection Circles page on our website.


Our virtual GA booth had a lot of pretty cool info and handouts too, including a poster on Spiritual Care for Climate Distress, Anxiety and Grief. (This curriculum is available free of charge on our website.) Check out our poster below for a summary of what is available and how to use it.


Nearly every month of the year UUMFE produces an issue of Monthly Musings. The musings are free worship and small group ministry resources that are Earth-centered and focused on climate justice. Download the packet from any month here on our website. 




What is the Climate Justice Coalition? 


The UU Climate Justice Coalition consists of 11 UU organizations coordinating and collaborating to enact climate justice. We share resources, build skills, and organize actions that advance a future with climate justice, collective liberation, and a world where all life flourishes. Read our full blog post that breaks it all down here. 

How can you get involved? Join our Climate Justice Revival! We can’t create what we can’t imagine. We hope your congregation joins us to reimagine a future of flourishing and collective liberation by registering soon!



We have done a lot this year and we are proud of the work we do. If UUMFE has added value to your life in some way, we would be grateful for your monetary support.


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Vegan Shortbread With Edible Flowers


This is the time of year when flower gardens are overflowing with nasturtium and zinnias. These absolutely gorgeous vegan shortbread cookies highlight the beauty of your summer garden in dessert form. Full Recipe Here.

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