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December 2022
This is a season of holidays and holy days, where many of us will gather to share sacred and traditional rituals that reconnect us with community and mark important moments in our lives. Rituals at this time of year, from Kwanzaa and Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice and New Year’s—these celebrations and more—connect us to the enduring strength of our history and ancestors, inspire us with hope for what is possible, and remind us of the passage of time and tradition over generations.

Each year of my presidency, it has been a pleasure to create and share a holiday video with you all. It reminds me of the real but unseen threads that connect us across the Association. Please watch and share this new video with your congregation or community during these winter holy days.


2022 UUA Holiday Video

This season can be a time of both joy and sorrow. Memories of loved ones and loss can be especially present in these days, and we are all facing the close of another year marked  by the pandemic, by war and violence, and with so much still on the line—from the implications of climate change to basic human rights. As you navigate these times, know you are not alone. You are held in a community of care and compassion and there is deep strength in our tradition.

I invite you this holiday season to be present and attuned to the blessings and wonders of life around us—to family, friends, community, to sun and moon, to the trees and animals, to the rivers and the seas, and to all of the beauty of this planet. May we remember the goodness and compassion in the human heart. Let us all make time in this season to nurture love and care for each other and find joy in the many gifts we already have and in  peaceful moments wherever we find them.

Happy holidays and blessings to you all.



Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray spends her days strengthening the thriving mission of this faith. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and playing with their dog, Hercules.
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