Town Hall Meeting Now a Pot Luck! – Sunday Sept 24 - Archived

Town Hall Meeting Now a Pot Luck! – Sunday Sept 24 – after Church Service

We will start discussing items from the  original agenda this week, Sept 24, after the Church Service. It will be another Potluck since we will not be having the originally announced Spaghetti Lunch. Your food contributions will be greatly appreciated and eagerly devoured.

Our questions for discussion this week are:

  • Where do we want our church to go?

  • What programs do we want to offer?

  • Which staff do we need to help us move toward our goals?

The discussions around these questions will determine what we are looking for as our church future.

We have 2 remaining Town Hall Meetings scheduled:

Sept 24 with Potluck

Oct 1  (food TBD)

These meetings will be conducted by Jim Cooper, Board President, Catherine Graham, Nominating Committee Chair, and Liz Aulsebrook, Board Treasurer in coordination with Rev. Dr. Gregory Carrow-Boyd, CRE-LL.

In the meantime, please save the above dates to include your voice in determining the future of The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu.

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