The Time for Environmental Action is Now! - Archived

As everyone is looking for ways to recover in Hawaii after the pandemic, Faith Action’s Environmental Justice Task Force is charting a path towards rebuilding in the most sustainable and equitable way possible.  The only way to achieve our lofty goals is with YOUR help.  We need your ideas, your inspiration, and your passion to make the changes necessary to avoid an environmental crisis that could dwarf the current problems the world faces.  In our group meetings we make sure every voice is heard and every opinion matters!  

Join us as we learn to become better stewards of Hawaii and this beautiful world we all live in.

  • We recently engaged with the Honolulu mayoral candidates and got written statements to keep the candidates accountable to our members’ most pressing environmental concerns.
  • We are currently working on Honolulu City Council’s Bill 2 (2020) which, if enacted, could end up significantly reducing Oahu’s carbon footprint.

Contact your Faith Action steering committee rep. or contact Soo at to join the Environmental Justice Task Force for the next Zoom meeting is August 12th at 5:00 PM, we meet every other Wednesday.

~~Matthew Geyer — Chair, Faith Action Environmental Justice Task Force

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