Thank You Reform Cash Bail Postcard/Email Writers!

A BIG THANKS to everyone who volunteered to write/email legislators in the campaign to reform cash bail during the 2022 legislative season!  Thanks to you nearly 450 messages supporting cash bail reform will be delivered by mid December to Oahu and Hawaii Island legislators!

Alice Caddow, Allison Jacobs, Bill Scarvie, Carla Allison, Carol Amos, Carolyn Eaton, Catherine Graham, Cathy Gilham, Dan Curran, Dan Mistak, David Davis, Esther Geil, Francine Less, Gail Dawrs, Hilary Parkinson, Hilkka Easterwood, Jill Rabinov, Judith Clark, Junko Davis, Karen Gold, Karen Valasek, Kimberly Towler, Leanne McIntire, Lee Curran, Mike Mottl, Nan Kleiber, Nancy Young, Pierre Kleiber, Raelyn Yeomans, Richard Valasek, Sue Yamane-Carpenter, Rev. T.J., Valerie Miller and Wendie McAllister.

Thanks to Raelyn Yeomans for delivering postcards to Kailua/Kaneohe.


Your service to our community is greatly appreciated!

Your Social Justice Council, A.D.O.R.E. & 8th Principle Task Force

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