Thank You For Submitting Your 2024/2025 Pledge

We’ve received pledges totalling $73,900 as of June 6th.

If you have any questions about pledging, please contact Carla Allison, Jim Cooper or Karen Fothergill.

Many thanks for submitting your pledge!
Larry Abbott & Donna Lum

Carla Allison

Kief Arriola

Juliet Begley

Harmony Bentosino

Beth Beyers

Jim Cooper & Martina Queenth

Hilkka Easterwood

Marge Erway

Lorraine Fay

Karen Fothergill

Jeff Fox & Gabe Tiogangco

Laura Goemans

Catherine Graham

Jytte Hendrick

Allison Jacobs

Nan & Pierre Kleiber

Irina Martikainen & Craig Larson

Carol Lee

Leanne MacIntire

Mary MacKay

Betty & Bob Murphey

Lynda Orr

Jane Raissle

Molly Rowland

Bill Scarvie

Nancy Schildt

Sharon & Jim Skouge

Helen Slaughter

Karen & Richard Valasek

Jim Wood

Sue Yamane- Carpenter & Dan Carpenter

Realyn Yeomans

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