Thank You for Pledging: Bolding Growing Compassion, Justice and Joy! - Archived

Bolding Growing Compassion, Justice and Joy!

Fifty-nine pledges totaling nearly $131,500 have been committed to our 2022/2023 year of boldly growing compassion, justice and joy.  Thank you for your generosity and expression of love and gratitude for the work of this vibrant congregation!

To join in this sharing of abundance, please contact Liz Aulsebrook @ , Carolyn Eaton @ , or Nancy Schildt @ .

Mahalo to the following pledgers for leading the way!  (as of July 26, 2022)

Scott Allen

Carla Allison

Ramoda Anand

Marie Anne

Kay Armstrong

Liz Aulsebrook

Harmony Bentosino

Beth Beyers

Dan Carpenter & Sue Yamane-Carpenter

Leighton Chong

Judith Clark & James Mullin

Barbara Collins

Jim Cooper & Martina Queenth

Dan & Lee Curran

Janice Davis

Junko & David Davis

Paul Davis

Deborah Duval

Carolyn Eaton

Lorraine Fay
Jeff Fox

Matt Geyer

Cathy Gilham

Karen Gold

Sue Greene

David Hafner & Theresa Moorleghen

Marshall Heaney

Jytte Hendrick

Judy Hepfer

Allison Jacobs

Nan & Pierre Kleiber

Carol Lee

Francine Less

Jess Logan

Donna Lum & Larry Abbott

Leanne MacIntire

Linda Magee

Wendie McAllaster

Thayer McCaffree and Cindy Herron

Melany Melakea

Valerie Miller

Molly Monahan

Michael Mottl & Jill Rabinov

Bob & Betty Murphy

Lynda Orr

Dorothea Ovia

Ken Plonsky

Blake Porter & Heather Lemkelde

Nan Porterfield

Jane Raissle

Elaine Rossi & Ted Leon

Alan & Molly Rowland

Janel Scharhag

Nancy Schildt

Jim & Sharon Skouge

Helen Slaughter

Sisan Smallman & Arn Lisnoff

Kimberly Towler

Nancy & Mike Young

Laurel Zeri




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