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Hey there,

It’s been a few days since you signed up for UU the Vote. You’ve probably gotten other updates from us but we wanted to make sure you have everything you need to be a part of the efforts to vote love and defeat hate this year.

If you belong to a congregation and it hasn’t yet hosted a UU the Vote worship service, we’ve curated and recorded a complete UU National Worship Service—use the complete service in its entirety or just the elements you need.

Next, we invite you to join the communities of practice:

At uuthevote.org/get-involved you’ll find:

  • Congregational Planning Guide
  • The contacts for organizers in focus states

You’ll also find links to three of our partners. (The best partnerships are local and lasting but our national partners are designing all sorts of ways for you to do meaningful non-partisan outreach this year).

  • VoteFWD is a letter-writing program to voters in important states. Choose the “A” letters for low-propensity voters to reach out to.
  • Reclaim Our Vote is a national effort supporting voters of color in the South and Southwest overcome barriers and voter suppression through texting, calling, and sending postcards.
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice is having deep conversations with voters about the Movement for Black Lives and the criminal legal system to expand the bloc of anti-racist voters who see racial justice as a priority in 2020.

There’s also a whole library of our past webinars for you to review on themes like non-profit status, youth voter engagement, the lessons from Georgia, and more.


Nicole Pressley
UU the Vote National Organizer

UU the Vote is a non-partisan faith initiative, in partnership with broader justice movements, to engage our neighbors, educate our communities, mobilize voters, and rally around key ballot initiatives. Join with your UU community to create a future defined by love, justice, and faith. #Votelove
Have a question? Sign up for one of our weekly online office hours, or join our Facebook group or Slack channel.

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