Support Youth Outreach (YO) Throughout the Month of June - Archived

Chalice Circles/Covenant Groups and the Social Justice Council are once again sponsoring the collection of items needed by Youth Outreach.  YO serves as a safe haven for Waikiki homeless youth offering medical care, social services and non-judgmental support along with food, hot shows and clothing.

YO is in need of underwear, backpacks, shampoo and conditioner for all genders. Join this annual service event by placing your donation in the collection box located at the church during the month of June.

Giving money to YO is easy!  Our Social Justice Council has name YO the June Share the Plate program recipient. Donate online by clicking on the DONATE button in the upper right hand corner of our church website at or send a check to the church.

Questions contact Carla Allison, 808-396-1488 or

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