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Please contact your City Council Representative.

The Kawainui Affordable Apartments, an affordable rental housing project, is proposed for Kailua.  Many projects like this should be built in communities throughout Hawaii because our state faces a shortage of tens of thousands of affordable housing units.

An easy-to-use online tool, called Phone2Action, has been created to make it easy to let your Councilmember know that you support this project.  A link is provided below.

The Phone2Action tool sends email messages to Council members, voicing support for the project.  Click the link that follows, and Phone2Action takes you to a simple form that you fill out with your name, address, and other information.  

Phone2Action displays a random message from a pre-written set of messages.  Click “send,” and you’re done.  If you want, though, you can revise the message before you send it.  Phone2Action will send the message to your Councilmember based on your address.

The Kawainui Affordable Apartments consists of 73 apartments in a 3-story building and a 4-story building located on the corner of Oneawa and Kawainui Streets, adjacent to Kailua’s commercial district.  95% of the apartments will be affordable for working families.  For example, rent for a 2-bedroom apartment will be below $1,500 a month, with the rent based on family income.  By comparison, the average rent in Kailua is $2,400 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment. 

The Honolulu City Council’s Zoning, Planning, and Housing Committee will meet on Aug. 20 to vote on the project.  If the committee approves it, the full Council will make the final decision on Sept. 2. 

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