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March Newsletter
The Rowe Farmhouse by Ann Aurelia

One last glimpse of winter at Rowe.  Photo provided by Rowe Kindred Spirit Member, Ann Aurelia.


Dear Treasured Members & Friends,
As the Berkshires begin to stir from winter’s slumber, we’re greeted by the sight of budding trees and the return of vibrant moss under a generous sun, even as the last whispers of snow grace our landscape. This spring, The Rowe Center is excited to offer an array of programs designed to enrich your mind and spirit. Delve into the world of Norse mythology this weekend with our course on March 16th, where Swedish Skald Andreas Kornevall will guide you through the sagas of the Norse gods, the creation myth, and the profound Birth of Wisdom. In April, we explore radical wisdom with Dr. Mark S. Burrows, delving into the teachings of Meister Eckhart, and the nature of Eros with partners Ian MacKenzie & Asha Mærie. For those intrigued by the intersection of art and the end-of-life journey, we are offering two online programs in April. Kim Rosen and Jayne Demarkos both offer a deep, meaningful exploration of these themes.We’re also delighted to share that our blog is once again active, featuring articles that delve deeper into our upcoming program topics. These posts provide richer insights into what you can expect this spring at The Rowe Center as well as a recipe from the Rowe archives.

We are all eagerly working towards a summer to remember. Registration for youth camps is now open! Thanks to your support during the Spirit of Rowe campaign, we’ve upgraded a few of our services, including a new online registration process for our summer camp. This makes it easier for you to secure a place for an unforgettable summer experience. We’re also seeking enthusiastic staff to join our summer programs, now with a streamlined online application process.

Join us as we embrace the changing seasons with open hearts and minds, ready to explore, learn, and grow together. Register now for our spring programs or summer camp and be part of the vibrant community at The Rowe Center.

Upcoming Programs

On Rowe’s Campus & Online


April 19-21 at The Rowe Center – Radical Wisdom: Meister Eckhart as a Guide for the Perplexed in Our Times with Dr. Mark S. Burrows

In the heart of the late 13th and early 14th centuries, amidst the tumultuous times of Europe in that epoch, a profound voice emerged that continues to resonate in our day. This voice was that of Meister Eckhart, a German theologian, philosopher, and mystic whose teachings have captivated scholars and spiritual seekers alike over the centuries.

This program, led by Eckhart scholar and poet Mark S. Burrows, explores this wisdom through the window of his recent books of meditative poems that voice Eckhart’s thought in ways described by a recent critic as “brimming with passion, originality, and depth.” Come to discover, explore, and reap wisdom’s harvest.

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Read our latest article on this topic:  Unveiling the Mystical Wisdom of Meister Eckhart: A Guide to the Depths of Spiritual Enlightenment

Unveiling the Mystical Wisdom of Meister Eckhart


April 26-28 at The Rowe Center 

The Nature of Eros with Ian MacKenzie & Asha Mærie

Through somatic play, breathwork, and embodiment practices, we will cultivate a deeper awareness of our own sensual nature in connection with the land and learn how to harness and honor more deeply the current of creation within us.By attuning to and connecting with THE NATURE OF EROS, we can move at the pace of trust in a way that holds the greatest vision of Life, in service towards a more harmonious and beautiful world. Join us at The Rowe Center for this unique opportunity to embark on a personal and collective journey of self-discovery, transformation, and social change.

Note: This workshop is open to singles and couples.

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Read our latest article on this topic: Unveiling Eros: A Pathway to Deeper Connection and Transformation



Online Programs

March 16 Online

Norse Myth and the Birth of Wisdom with Andreas Kornevall

Join us for a deep journey into Northern Myth, Ritual, Runes and Cosmology by a Swedish Skald (Storyteller/Poet) – Andreas Kornevall.Through storytelling, commentary, and lively conversations, we will explore Norse Myths and their underlying history and culture.  Andreas will share the Norse Creation Myth and tell the story that lies at the very heart of Norse Mythology: the Birth of Wisdom.


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April 6 – June 29 Online 

Death’s Door Undefended at the Threshold with Kim Rosen


Led by Kim Rosen, with Mary Lou van Schaik

This series is designed for those who have previously experienced the Death’s Door (aka Feast of Losses) series, as well as for those who are new to the course.

Through an immersive alchemy of poetry, music, movement, guided explorations, and deep, authentic sharing, we will dive ever more intimately into themes touched in the original series, interwoven with new explorations. Saying goodbye, opening to incapacity; meeting “everyday deaths”, making peace with our bodies; practicing the “art of losing”; asking for help; and welcoming not knowing as a portal to vibrant aliveness — these are a few of the realms we’ll explore.


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April 13-14 Online 

Music at End-of-Life: A Caregiver’s Guide with Jayne Demakos, CM-TH, Certified Music Thanologist


This online weekend workshop is an opportunity for caregivers, clinicians and those  interested in end-of-life care to explore the use of music in care for the critically ill,  those on hospice, approaching the end-of-life, and actively dying. This series will  provide tools and ways to be with loved ones using live music (singing) as a support, both for and with those who are ill, as well as loved ones gathered at the bedside.

Join Jayne Demakos, certified Music-Thanatologist, hospice musician and teacher in exploring her experience and teachings on the use of music and end of life care. There will be opportunities for discussion, and song material will be provided for participants to learn and to keep.


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Read more about this topic in the article: Navigating the Journey, Music’s Role in End-of-Life-Care.



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Rowe Community Events


April 5-7: Spring Thaw: A Rowe Labor Day Men’s Retreat

We are thrilled to invite you to “Spring Thaw: A Retreat for Men Who Love Men,” returning with renewed spirit to The Rowe Center after a memorable previous season. This retreat, an extension of the cherished Rowe Labor Day Retreat legacy, eagerly opens its doors to Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer individuals seeking community and connection.

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